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Acadia kratom review 2019: Should you Check them out For your Kratom Buy?

The background of Acadia kratom

America has become increasingly awash with news about kratom in recent times. By now, anyone following the kratom news must also be familiar with most of the leading kratom suppliers. But do they also know about Acadia kratom? 

The chances are high that they don’t. Acadia kratom seems to be among the little-known kratom vendors that many are yet to hear about. But does this say anything about the quality of what it has to offer? 

History of Acadia Kratom

This Kratom supplier is based in Utah, US. The reason it is barely on many people’s radar and therefore has gone unnoticed may have something to do with its chosen domain. In the place of the more standard “.com” domain, the company chose a “.co” domain for its website. Unfortunately, the latter tend to show up less often in Google (and other search engines) ranked results compared to the former. So, this renders the company somewhat invisible to many people. 

It’s not clear why the company chose this strategy, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they deliver any less in terms of quality.

The truth which may shock you is that Acadia Kratom has won the affection of many as a leading kratom supplier in the state of Utah. So the domain factor has failed to trip it up, although one is left wondering how even more phenomenal things would be if it standardizes its domain.

But does all this mean the company is worth buying from? If the state of Utah thinks this vendor is so hot, should you oblige and follow suit as one of its latest loyal buyers? In this article, we are going to chip away at that riddle and discover the truth that lies within. 

Kratom market 

The kratom market is somewhat a murky market to explore. Why? That’s because it is full of all kinds of shady characters attempting to dump dubious products on you and then gleefully run off with your money. It doesn’t help that kratom is a novelty to most people in America, being just a recent introduction into the market.

With only a few years of getting used to this product, Americans are no match for the locals of South East Asia who have cultivated and consumed this product for centuries. In that time, they have acquired a certain level of sophistication and expertise with kratom that Americans can only covet.

What makes South Asia so special with this crop? Well, no one has quite the same climate and soil conditions as them, which uniquely favor kratom. So kratom, especially of the highest quality, can only be grown and found here. 

If you don’t want to be disappointed and end up with bunk quality kratom, better make sure you source and import your kratom from the best. That best comes from this region, coupled with the expert knowledge of cultivation and harvesting techniques that has many centuries of experience behind it. But how sure are you that your chosen or favorite US-based supplier is tapping from the best, which is to be found nowhere else but in this kratom haven?

Sizing up Acadia’s worth as your kratom supplier 

To get this answer, I had to rummage through quite a bit of things. Fortunately, my work was made incredibly easy by the buyers themselves who won’t keep quiet with their hooting. Let’s quickly see what buyers are saying about the company on a number of fronts. 

Product quality

This is what comes first before anything else. Who cares if your customer service is an unbeatable joy, and yet your product quality leaks? That would be the same also if your prices are heavenly. For this reason, Acadia Kratom hits close to home because their product quality is great. From everywhere you look among the buyers, their products are drawing applause. 

That said, the company should have gone further and provided independent lab tests for their products to safeguard consistency. Perhaps this is why there are also some customer complaints among the feedback. 

Product variety

Acadia Kratom serves you well with an extensive product selection, but one can’t help noticing that they seem to narrow down to 6 particular strains of kratom

  • Green Jong Kong – this kratom strain is known for its extreme gentleness. It strikes a balance between being effective without being overwhelming. For example, it falls short of the extremes you will usually get from Maeng Da, a very potent strain. Ideal for relaxation and in its soothing effects, such as alleviating pain, is suitable for someone who is getting started with kratom.
  • White Jong Kong – can be compared with Green Jong Kong for its subtle effects. This is your excellent gentle introduction to a power boost if you need extra energy without going over the top. 
  • Red Hulu – This is one strain that novices should keep away from as it is reserved for the veterans. Among Acadia’s kratom products, this will have to be the most potent. It provides a powerful boost to ease your depression and anxieties away. It elevates the mood, and you need only minute quantities to get a dramatic effect. For this reason, you have to be highly cautious about dosage and avoid exceeding recommended levels.
  • White Hulu – ideal for getting you strong euphoric effects. Although it can also enhance your energy, you need to be extra careful as it’s euphoric high can get in the way of your productivity.
  • Green Pinoh – Never good if you want relaxation or a calming effect, Green Pinoh will give you a decent energy boost. The effect, however, is moderate. You won’t want to take it in the evening as it can interfere with your sleep. Some people, however, think it can make a good stimulant for night time sex if you are not in serious need of sleep. 
  • Red Pinoh – This is a slow-acting strain which is ideal for those who are not in a hurry to get the effects. It excels in giving you some relaxation while also providing you an energy boost. If you want high amounts of energy, this may not work for you, and you may need to look for something more powerful. However, don’t let the delayed effects of the strain fool you into increasing your dosage for fear of having underdosed. You may end up with an overdose, so wait patiently.

Customer service

The company offers superb staff support with eagerness to respond quickly to your issues. Customer feedback is glowing with praise on this aspect of the company, so you can expect to be in very good hands as a buyer.

For contacts, you have the options of email and phone which they provide. Keep in mind, however, that contact with the phone is restricted to texts only.

Several things can go wrong with your order or shipping, so it’s good to know you have a casing and listening ear when it happens.

Website quality 

Not everything is stellar about this company, and this goes too for its website quality. This site is not the most useful in various aspects. Going through it, one is struck by how sketchy it is. Probably, it is a work in progress because it appears unfinished. If you are hungry for information about various aspects of the company and it is produced, you are in for a disappointment.

Important information is missing, such as its returns policy, which most buyers would want to know about before committing to buy. They serve you an empty page for not only this but also for payment and shipping methods. 


Are you itching for the speedy delivery of your kratom order? With Acadia Kratom, you may need to stop worrying about that. Along with speed, they offer you free shipment. However, it’s not clear from the site what the returns policy is as the information about it is absent.


Acadia offers you prices that you will find to be comfortable. You can grab 250g of kratom for as low as $29.99.

500g strains can cost you $49.95, which compares favorably with other vendors. You also stand to get rewards when you subscribe to newsletters. The newsletters will alert you the moment they are offers for you to cash into.

Payments modes 

To pay for your orders, you just need to pick among these options, which the company accepts.

  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • American express 
  • Discover 
  • Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, etherium, etc 


  • Great customer reviews 
  • Reasonable prices


  • No third party lab tests 
  • Poor website 


Acadia Kratom has shown that it can go to great lengths to satisfy your needs as a kratom buyer. Even though their product quality has won praise from some buyers, it could do better. It certainly needs to avail third-party testing and certification of its products to reassure buyers of consistent quality. Its site could also do with a makeover as it could be sending visitors running away out of dissatisfaction. However, if you can overcome the resistance you will feel for their lackluster site as well as the absence of third party testing for their products, then you can find solace in the positive customer reviews and try them out. 

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