Eden’s Ethnos Reviewed 2021: an average kratom company

We all love Kratom. From helping people with chronic pain conditions to find more comfort, to alleviating stress and depression, there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for this substance. However, the benefits of this substance go beyond alleviating physical and psychological pain as Kratom has been found to be incredibly helpful in the management of the severe symptoms that typically accompany substance abuse withdrawal. For some people, Kratom has replaced caffeine as their pick-me-up.

Nonetheless, regardless of your reason for using Kratom, the only way you can get those wholesome benefits that the herb is famous for is if you actually use high-quality Kratom. It sounds like a pretty obvious statement, but it’s far from obvious based on the state of the current market.

You see, Kratom originates from Southeast Asia as it is a tropical evergreen herb. Thus, Southeast Asia has just the perfect conditions for Kratom growth. While we have only been aware of the herb for only a few years, Southeast Asia natives have been using it for centuries. Thus, they place a lot of emphasis on quality. Additionally, since the rest of the world wasn’t interested in the herb, farmers in that region did not grow the plant just for commercial reasons, which helped maintain quality.

eden's ethnos

However, when the rest of the world finally got wind of this miracle herb, there has been an overwhelming demand for the product. As you can imagine, this has also resulted in the mushrooming of ‘Kratom Vendors.’ While the first Kratom vendors were people who had experience with the herb and just wanted to share it with the rest of us, most of the vendors today do not care as much. All they know is that there is a market gap that needs filling. And since they are doing it for profit, they will look for the cheapest Kratom they can get and sell it at normal Kratom prices in order to make a killing. This means that quality has become compromised.

As such, Kratom users have to be especially vigilant about who they buy their Kratom from. You must first ensure that a Kratom vendor has a solid reputation among Kratom users before you purchase from them.

This article will help you determine whether Eden’s Ethnos is a good Kratom vendor.

Who is Eden’s Ethnos?

Eden’s Ethnos is a San Francisco-based Kratom vendor that has close links to the agricultural sector. In fact, since 2016, Eden’s Ethnos has been a member of TradeKey, which is one of the biggest trade outlets in the world. Eden’s Ethnos claim that they sell ethnobotanicals. This implies that they sell herbs, such as Kratom.

Right off the bat, we have to let you know that Eden’s Ethnos prices are above the market average. Nonetheless, they also do have one of the broadest product lineups of any Kratom store. Additionally, the company is touted as to having one of the best customer support services out there.

Nevertheless, these are all speculations. This article will delve deep into the company’s products and business practices to see how Eden’s Ethnos matches up against reputable Kratom vendors.

  • Product Lineup

As mentioned, Eden’s Ethnos says that it’s an ethnobotanical company. It, therefore, sells various types of herbs and herbal products. Their model mirrors that of Amazon, in that the company combines several brands, leaf sorts, concentrates, and overviews onto one page. As such, through the company’s site, you should be able to purchase all these products. Apart from Kratom, the other herbs they offer include Ayahuasca, Kava, Moe, and Salvia.

When it comes to Kratom, Eden’s Ethnos has one of the most diverse product lineups out there. This means that this company is probably stocking your favorite strain. Some of the more popular strains of Kratom that the company offers include the red, white, and green Sumatran, Borneo, and Malay strains. They also have all the different Maeng Das, as well as the Riau, Thai, and Vietnam Kratoms.

The company also stocks a range of Kratom blends, such as Ultra Enhanced Indo, 20X Pitch, and the Golden Reserve.

One of the trademarks of a legit Kratom seller is that they have an extensive product lineup. It shows that the company is vested in fulfilling the needs of its various customer groups. It also shows that they are well-versed on what’s going on in the Kratom field.

Eden’s Ethnos has done a good job at that.


  • Website Value

The website of a vendor can help you get a good read about the vendor’s legitimacy. Online transactions are very sensitive since you do not know whether the other party is going to live up to their end of the bargain and send you the products after you have sent them your money. If they decided not to send you the products, there’s little that you could do other than rave about them online.

Legitimate vendors understand this and will try to be as reassuring as they can to their customers. Being that a website is the online representation of a business, good vendors know that by making it as valuable as possible, it will help them earn the trust of consumers.

A wishy-washy website, therefore, is a sign of vendor who might not be serious about their trade.

A valuable website is one that is loads fast, is easy to use, and provides a customer with valuable information, and is not just trying to sell to them. It aims to help the customer through the purchasing process.

This is where Eden’s Ethnos gets it all wrong. Their website is one of the most frustrating ones out there. First off, the company just states what it sells, and that’s it. They provide no additional details, such as product descriptions or even education info about a product, which is puzzling considering that that is the info that a consumer needs when looking to know if a product would be good for them.

As if that’s not enough, Eden’s Ethnos does not even bother to include the prices of their products. Just imagine that. How are the customers supposed to know whether they can afford a product or not? It is really puzzling.

While other vendors out there are tripping over each other trying to convince Kratom consumers that their products are the best through their websites, Eden’s Ethnos wouldn’t be bothered.

  • Customer Service

Websites are continually going through maintenance and, thus, one would love to give Eden’s Ethnos the benefit of the doubt for their lackluster website. As such, one would expect the company to make up for it in customer service.

Well, it would be nice if they gave you an actual email or other means of reaching them. Eden’s Ethnos, however, doesn’t. All you get is a form where you can fill out your complaint and email address, then sit back and wait for the company to get back to you.

We found this to be quite absurd and, therefore, went online to find out what people think about their customer service. To our surprise, we found out that the company actually gets back to people relatively fast and aims to settle disputes as quickly as they can.

Apparently, the reason behind Eden’s Ethnos vagueness is the impending ban on Kratom.

However, upon further research, we found out that there is no such ban in the works. In fact, the DEA is looking to reexamine the medicinal value of Kratom. As such, there have been no decisions made to ban or regulate the sale of Kratom products in the USA.

Eden’s Ethnos actually uses the ban as a reason for the company not offering refunds on disputed products. All this just seems so unscrupulous of this famous vendor.

  • Product Quality and Pricing

As mentioned, Eden’s Ethnos offers virtually no further information apart from stating what they sell. In matters Kratom, quality is everything, and Kratom vendors usually go out of their way to prove that they have high-quality products. They usually do this by providing certificates of analysis, which are lab reports that show the composition, purity, and quality of the said products.

Since Eden’s Ethnos doesn’t provide such proof, we went online to find out what people who have had experience with the company’s products think about them.

Most of their customers say that while Eden’s Ethnos’s products aren’t the best in the industry, they definitely aren’t the worst. Their prices are also within the market average.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to use Kratom, it better be of high quality. Otherwise, you will have wasted a lot of resources. Nonetheless, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a good vendor and, this is why we recommend that you first research vendors before you purchase from them.

Eden’s Ethnos is relatively well-known in the nootropics industry and doesn’t have a bad reputation either. However, we have a problem with the company’s lack of transparency. Thus, even though the company may not have a lot of negative reviews, we wouldn’t recommend them to someone who is just getting started on Kratom.


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