Green Malay Kratom Review 2019: Kratom effects That Last Longest?

The history of Green Malay kratom

After hearing about endless varieties of kratom, you may be tempted to yawn when you hear of yet another Kratom strain. Surely, with all the various benefits that the other strains bring, there can’t be room for anything new that the Green Malay Kratom can bring? 

This is interesting because Green Malay Kratom really comes with its unique qualities. One of those is that it brings you all the merits of the rest but with longer durations than ever. Who would not leap at that? So let’s look closer at this special kratom strain and see why you might want to use it.

The use of the Kratom plant extends back many centuries in the tropical East Asian regions where locals grew and used it to treat many conditions. 

Green Malay Kratom is just one of these special plant species which thrives in the Malaysian region of SouthEast Asia. 

But the plant also grows in the forms of strains in the nearby areas such as Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand. 

Kratom was virtually unknown to the western world until very recently when kratom exports began leaving the Asian sources into Western markets. 

There is a quickly growing demand for it in America, especially with the spotlight that has been cast on the opioid drug crisis. Also, more Americans than ever are suffering from chronic pain, and there is a quest for effective and safe remedies. Kratom is increasingly being considered as the ideal option. 

What makes kratom – and in particular Green Malay  Kratom – tick? 

This plant holds in its leaves and stems more than 40 alkaloids. These are unique compounds that have potent effects on the body. However, it is just the two of these that are most vital because of their higher concentration levels in the leaves. They are

  • Mitragynine – it’s chiefly responsible for pain relief. It has been compared to opioids in some of its effects. 
  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine – this brings effects that make it similar to morphine. However, it’s potency exceeds morphine by more than 20 times, which makes it incredibly powerful. 
  • Speciociliatine and Paynsntheine – 


What benefits can you derive from Green Malay kratom? Here are some goodies that you u can expect from it.

  • Alleviation of chronic pain – one of the tragic things Americans have to deal with more frequently is a pain. The quality of life has deteriorated for many for this. It renders you more immobile or less dexterous, denying you the ability to enjoy the things of life that you have been accustomed to. Green Malay Kratom can put an end to this as it is a powerful painkiller. As you most likely want quick relief from your pain, this strain comes especially handy as it works almost instantly upon ingestion. It will also relieve you of such pain conditions as migraine and backache, which can be a persistent issue. If you want to go about your usual daily routines or work, you will be delighted that you won’t have to wait long for those pursuits. As a painkiller, Green Malay Kratom stands on equal footing with morphine, which means its potency is incredibly high. Yet its beauty, contrary to morphine, is that it is a natural-based pain solution. So it will lead to fewer side effects as it tends to act in parallels with the body processes.                 

  • Treating osteoporosis – This condition usually affects older people. The bones grow weak and are liable to crack or break easily. Poor diet and various diseases can also cause it. When you look at the bone surface with your naked eyes, you won’t see anything unusual. However, under magnification, the bones appear spongy with many tiny holes. If these holes enlarge further, you get osteoporosis and a weakening of the bone strength. Green Malay Kratom can be your aid in not just halting osteoporosis but also strengthening the bones for better athletic performance. It is more effective when used, along with calcium supplements. It leads to the elimination of the tiny holes and restoring bone strength.
  • Mental performance – even though Green Malay isn’t exactly a nootropic, it makes a good way of elevating your mental prowess and performance. How does it do this? It is through its action of allowing more blood to surge into your brain. With such a rich supply of oxygen and nutrient, you will find that you can mentally operate at high and advanced levels. Professionals and students whose work are mainly mental can benefit greatly. Thinking, focus, and learning will be enhanced. The potency of Green Malay does not reach that of nootropics, but the advantage you will get is fewer side effects as kratom is naturally based. Nootropics being pharmaceutical products can heap chemicals onto your body system and trigger harmful side effects. 
  • Physical boost – It is excellent if you are seeking significant boosts in physical energy and performance. It optimizes your digestion process, which means more food gets broken down to rehearse more energy. With more digested material, more fuel becomes available to provide for your energy needs and physical work.

  • Euphoria – this kratom strain can also give you great euphoric effects if you are looking for some recreational results. What makes it different from other strains is not just the intensity but also the sheer duration. Red Bali, which is also a respected strain, gives you some 4 hours of euphoric thrills, but Green Malay can beat that. 
  • Long-lasting effects – Green Malay Kratom stands out for its ability to give you a long duration of its effects. So if you can get any benefits from other kratom strains, the Green Malay Kratom allows you to enjoy them for longer, and who wouldn’t welcome that? 

Side effects 

What are the side effects of Green Malay Kratom? These are some of the most common ones.

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness 
  • Harder ability to concentrate 
  • Itching 
  • Excessive sweating
  • Red leg rash

Nausea tends to affect you when you first start using most kratoms. It’s the body’s first reaction to it as it tries to adjust itself and get used to it. Fortunately, this is a temporary condition and usually resolves after some time. 

The other side effects normally appear at higher dosages. They are easily controllable by being careful with the dosage. 

Ingredients /Composition 

All kratom plants have a so-called alkaloid balance. Green Malay Kratom comes with its own balance of alkaloid composition, which gives it its unique properties. The compounds it contains in higher concentrations include Mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Speciociliatine, and Paynsntheine. 


There is no one size fits all for the Kratom. You will have to tweak your dosage to accommodate various factors such as your age, sex age, and other biological traits unique to you. Keep in mind also that since kratom is yet to be clinically studied, an official dosage has not been established yet. Most dosages that are used follow from individual trial and error. 

If you consider weight as a factor, then this is  the dosage guideline that you may try 

Weight                                   Grams per day 

  • 150 lbs or lower                      2 to 3
  • 150 lbs – 200 lbs                     3 to 4
  • Over 200 lbs                            5

To get your dosage right, you will have no option but to experimentally take successively increasing amounts of kratom while checking the body response. Keep going if you don’t see adverse effects and stop after getting the results you want but without the nasty effects. The starting dose should be the minimum recommended amount of 2 gm per day. 

What about Super Red Malay Kratom? 

This is a supposedly enhanced version of Red Green Malay Kratom. This means it will give you a more intense experience than the ordinary type. It usually comes in small batches and is a mix of various alkaloids with Green Malay. Although it can give superior results, it is notoriously inconsistent. To avoid this disappointment, it’s better to just settle for the better-known variety.

Price and availability 

Green Malay Kratom can be bought from most online vendors. It comes at fairly reasonable prices.

        Quantity (ounces)           Price 

  • 1                                  $12 29
  • 4                                  $40
  • 28 gm                          $9.99
  • 56 gm                          $18.99
  • 112 gm                        $34.99


  • Cheap and reasonable prices 
  • Has more prolonged effects among the kratom strains 
  • Perfect as a bridging strain when cycling veteran other kratom strains 


  • Has some side effects 


Pain relief, energy boosts, euphoria, are all benefits you can get from other kratom strains. But how long will the effects last? Most people would prefer the effects that go as long as possible. That represents more bang out of your dollars. Green Malay Kratom is just the kratom strain you need to stretch the hours of reaping benefits to the maximum. 

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