Indo Kratom : Everything you should know about this Strain

Kratom is a species of evergreen trees that are found in the Southeast Asia region. Going by the scientific name of Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a popular commercial herb in areas such as Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Even though you might find Kratom being grown in other areas that are not in Southeast Asia, the Kratom strains that grow in this region tend to be the most potent as Southeast Asia has the most conducive elements for Kratom growth.

As you might have noticed, there always tends to be the name of a country or region attached to a particular product. This is usually meant to indicate where that particular strain is coming from. As such, if you come across Malay Kratom, it implies that it comes from Malaysia.

Therefore, when we talk about Indo Kratom, we are referring to Kratom strains that are specifically grown in the rain forests of Indonesia.

Nonetheless, Kratom is one species of tree. This means that in spite of where a particular strain might be grown from, they all will tend to have almost similar properties. However, the keyword here is ‘almost,’ and that is because the properties of strains from different regions will tend to vary, which might make for massive differences in the effects that the user experiences.

These differences in properties are usually caused by the differences in climate, geography, as well as the soil composition between the different regions. This is what causes a difference in the amount of alkaloid composition among different strains, thus the varying effects. Alkaloids are the chemical components inside Kratom leaves that are responsible for the effects that you feel upon using Kratom.

This article will discuss all you need to know about Indo Kratom.

What is Indo Kratom?

As mentioned, Indo Kratom refers to all the types of Kratom originating from Indonesia. Indo Kratom is among the most sought after Kratom strains. These strains are renowned for their soothing properties and, as such, are typically used for pain relief. They are also effective at anxiety relief since most users report experiencing an overwhelming sensation of calmness upon using.

Some people, however, claim that Indo Kratom strains tend to take a bit longer for their effects to manifest. It is believed that this could be due to the rigid nature of the cell walls in Indo Kratom strains.

In addition to pain and stress relief, Indo Kratom strains are also effective at alleviating the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Other applications of Indo Kratom strains include muscle relaxation, mood enhancement, and even helping the user to get into a state of euphoria or bliss.

What are the Various Types of Indo Kratom?

Just like other types of Kratom, Indo Kratom strains are also categorized according to the color of the vein that traverses through their leaves. The categories are similar in that they contain the archetypical red, green, and white variants.

Red Vein Indo is the most potent of these strains as it contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. As such, it is more of a sedative and is typically used to suppress pain, manage stress, and help with opiate withdrawal symptoms. In lower doses, it can act as a stimulant.

White Vein Indo is famous for its energizing properties. It can also help enhance mental tasks such as focus and concentration.

Green vein Indo is thought of as being the average of the properties of the red and white Indo. It is, therefore, regarded as a multipurpose Kratom.

Indo Kratom also has various subtypes, which can all be either red, green, or white strains.


Indo Kratom Subtypes/Variants

  • Super Indo Kratom

Whether it is red, green, or white Indo, if it has the prefix ‘Super,’ it means that it is more potent than other red, white, or green Indo strains. This is because Super Indo strains are derived from the biggest leaves of Indonesian Kratom trees.

Research shows that bigger leaves tend to have a higher concentration of alkaloids. And as you can remember, the higher the alkaloid concentration, the higher the potency of that strain. And the more potent a Kratom strain is, the stronger its effects become. While Indo strains are infamous for making you wait a bit longer for the effects to kick in, Super Indo strains’ effects tend to kick in a lot faster.

  • Premium Indo Kratom

The Premium Indo Kratom strains are generally considered to be among the strongest, as well as the safest strains that you can use. The difference, however, between Premium Indo and other Kratom strains comes down to how the leaves are harvested.

Premium Indo strains are typically subjected to a more thorough but careful harvesting process, especially when the stems are being separated from the leaves. The goal is to remove as much of the stem as you can from a leaf without damaging the leaf. The leaf is what contains the alkaloids and, therefore, any part of the stem that is still attached to the leaf is essentially, waste.

Premium Indo Kratom’s calling card, therefore, is purity. It is believed to be the purest form of Kratom out there. Also, it is not the most expensive Kratom strain, thus making it accessible to most Kratom consumers.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

As you can tell from the name, this refers to a Kratom strain that is the enhanced version of an Indo Kratom. The enhancement process occurs through several stages, starting at harvesting to the point where more alkaloids are added to the strain.

After being harvested and dried, the leaves are boiled into a thick substance. The substance – referred to as a resin – then gets alkaloids added to it. Some Ultra Enhanced Indo strains can have as much as 1500mg of alkaloids added to them for every 25 grams of the powder. As you can imagine, the resulting product is extremely potent. This means that its effects set in almost immediately upon use, and will last for longer.

Nonetheless, due to the enhanced potency, people new to Kratom use are advised against using it. This is because it can trigger serious adverse effects due to the body not being used to Kratom yet, leave alone such a potent strain.

People already used to Kratom are advised to take regular breaks from this strain so as to avoid building a tolerance. Remember, developing tolerance is often the first step to substance addiction.

What are the Effects That You Can Get from Using Indo Kratom?

Some of the benefits of using Indo Kratom include:

  • Stimulation

Some strains, especially White Vein, of Indo, are very effective stimulants. They work to boost your energy levels, enhance your mental awareness, and improve your concentration. It is no surprise, therefore, that more and mite people are ditching the morning cup of coffee for a morning dose of Indo Kratom.

Not only is it more effective than caffeine, but it is also a lot safer. This allows the user to enjoy the benefits of a stimulant without risking the effects of long-term caffeine use.

  • Pain Relief

Kratom is an opioid agonist. Before you think that we have decided to go all technical on you, it simply means that it interacts with opioid receptors in the brain. The opioid system is what is responsible for pleasure, pain, and addiction.

As such, through its actions on those receptors, Kratom can enhance feelings of pleasure while reducing pain. However, its abilities are a double-edged sword since it can also be addictive.

This is why you are advised to adhere to dosage guidelines to prevent that from happening.

  • Mood Enhancement

Indo Kratom is also one of the go-to strains for users seeking to improve their mood. It has also been found to be effective at alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as worry and fear by inducing a state of peace and calm.

It is why a lot of Kratom enthusiasts prefer Indo Kratom for unwinding after a long day at work or for helping them push through high-pressure situations.

Indo Kratom Dosage

It is vital that you stick to dosage guidelines since Kratom can yield some very unpleasant side effects when used in high doses, especially when it comes to strains with high potency, such as Ultra Enhanced Indo.

The general guideline is to keep your dosage between 2 and 5 grams per dose in the beginning. You can then gradually increase your dose by 1 gram as your body gets used to the substance, and you are looking for a particular effect.

Be careful not to push it, especially if you are new to Kratom.

Final Thoughts

Indo Kratom is a very popular Kratom strain out there, and for good reasons, it is laden with benefits.

The Indo strain that you go for, however, will be determined by the effects that you are looking to get.

Nonetheless, you will only love your Indo Kratom as long as you get a high-quality one. This is why it is imperative that you only purchase Kratom from vendors with a reputation for selling high-quality Kratom consistently.


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