Kratom Country : Is this a good kratom supplier?

Kratom Country Review

Kratom is one of the most popular herbs in the Southeast Asia region. For hundreds of years, natives to that region have been harnessing the benefits of Kratom to cure various ailments as well as to improve the quality of their lives. It is especially popular among the farmers and other blue-collar individuals for its energy-boosting capabilities. In fact, it is a tradition to offer Kratom-infused beverages during occasions.

It wasn’t until in the past decade when the Western World caught on to the benefits of this marvelous herb, and everybody wants a piece of it as well. Nonetheless, Kratom is such a recent product to us that it is yet to gain Federal approval. This is because for a product to become FDA-approved, it has to go through countless clinical trials to ensure that it is safe for human use. While Kratom is safe for human consumption, the protocols must be observed, and those trials are still being carried out.

The problem that this poses, however, is that there is a risk of the product being counterfeited. This issue is especially of concern as more and more people look to start using Kratom. This has resulted in a proliferation of Kratom vendors, most of who are just as clueless about Kratom as most of the people that they are aiming to sell it to. This means that they are at risk of selling subpar products, which might not only fail to deliver their intended effects but may also predispose the user to undesirable side effects.

This is why Kratom users are advised to first research whether a Kratom vendor is reputable and reliable before purchasing from them.

Kratom Country is one of the most prominent names in the Kratom industry, and you are probably wondering whether it is a good idea to purchase from this company. This article aims to help you find out.

Who is Kratom Country?

Kratom Country is a California-based Kratom vendor, which is one of the pioneer Kratom stores in the country. The company has been providing Kratom products since 2010. It is safe to say, therefore, that they have amassed enough experience to allow them to know what works best for consumers. Also, being one of the original Kratom stores in the United States, chances are they sell legit products.

While Kratom Country started as an exclusive Kratom store, the company today also deals with other wellness products, such as CBD.

What You Should Know About Kratom Country

In order to determine whether buying from a particular vendor is a good move, it is vital to evaluate their performance across various aspects. This is because even if a vendor provides quality products, they might be underperforming on other aspects of their business, which might come in the way of satisfactory customer experience.

This article will evaluate Kratom Country based on several factors that we believe are what make for wholesome customer experience. They include:

  • Website Interface

Since you’ll be making your purchase online, the last thing you need is to have trouble accessing the products due to poor website design. As such, a good Kratom vendor ensures that their website is user-friendly, in that it loads fast, it is easy to navigate, and is informative.

Kratom Country has a good website design that allows you to access the products that you are looking for easily. Also, instead of just placing all of their products on the homepage as most vendors do, they have classified them into categories that are based on consumer preferences. Their categories include capsules, leaves, powder, samples, packs, and CBD products.

However, we feel that it would have been better if they would have classified their products based on the effects that they deliver. With so many strains of Kratom out there, it is unlikely that customers know what each does. As such, it would be beneficial if customers could just click on the category that suits their needs, rather than the current system that the company uses.

Nonetheless, if you know the exact strain that you are looking for, you can utilize the search bar that is on top of the page to look for what you need.

We also liked the informative nature of their product descriptions. Most Kratom vendors’ product descriptions sound more like disclaimers than actual explanations of what a product is all about. Kratom Country does an excellent job at it and ensures that you know what to expect once you start using that product.

  • Product Selection

A good Kratom vendor understands that customers look for different effects from Kratom and, therefore, aims to ensure that every type of Kratom user can get what they need from their store. A store with a limited amount of products is likely being run by an inexperienced Kratom vendor. Nonetheless, that is not always the case since some vendors would rather have a few quality products than have a diverse product lineup full of products whose quality they are not so sure about.

Kratom Country’s product lineup is not exactly the most impressive. While it does contain the majority of Kratom strains that consumers typically need, there are a number of strains that are missing. The company needs to address that issue if it does not want to give the edge to its competition.

Nonetheless, there are also some things that Kratom Country does really well. For example, they provide you with a free sample pack when shipping out your order. The sample pack contains samples of Kratom strains that you did not order for, to help you broaden your experience with Kratom. This allows you to tailor your preferences even more.

Also, Kratom Country allows you to purchase Kratom leaves, which is almost unheard of in the industry.

  • Product Quality

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get quality Kratom nowadays. This is due to the proliferation of Kratom vendors on the market, most of whom sell subpar products. It doesn’t help that every Kratom vendor claims to sell the good stuff.

There are only two ways of determining whether a Kratom vendor sells quality products. The first method is by checking for certificates of analysis. A certificate of analysis is a lab report from a third-party facility showing the details of quality tests on a particular substance. Reputable vendors go out of their way to get their products tested so they can have the reports as proof of quality.

This implies, therefore, that a vendor who does not have such a report either doesn’t care to reassure their clientele, or does not have belief in their products, both of which are bad.

The second way of determining whether a vendor has quality products is by checking for reviews from other customers online. This allows you to know other people’s experiences with the company’s products.

Kratom Country claims that its products are taken through third-party testing. The problem, however, is that they do not have proof to validate those claims. Therefore, as far as we are concerned, it could be a marketing gimmick.

When it comes to customer reviews, most of them are positive. One thing we noted, however, is that most of the reviews were on the company’s website, which you cannot exactly rely on for obvious reasons.

Nonetheless, considering that Kratom Country has been active for almost a decade now, it would be safe to assume that they have been doing something right all this while.

  • Pricing

Kratom Country’s prices lie within the market average. You should always raise your guard when you come across cheap Kratom. While quality Kratom shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, its price shouldn’t also be too good to be true.

Cheap Kratom is often an indicator of low-grade Kratom. Therefore, the only time that you should purchase Kratom cheaply is if the company selling it has a reputation for selling quality products.

Kratom Country’s prices are reasonable.

  • Shipping and Return Policies

Kratom Country is really thoughtful about its customers as it offers free shipping on all orders within the United States apart from AR, LA, IN, RI, WI, VT, and San Diego. Additionally, all orders placed and paid for before 3 PM PST are usually processed and shipped on the same day.

In case you find fault in your product, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee clause that allows you to get a full refund if they determine that you are eligible for it.

Final Thoughts

Getting quality Kratom is not as straightforward it once was. Today, you have to be wary of unscrupulous vendors. This is why you should always try and ascertain that a Kratom store has a good reputation before you purchase from it,

Kratom Country has been in the game for a while now, and they seem to be doing everything right. However, the lack of quality assurance reports is very concerning as it invites doubt. Nonetheless, we think that they are legit vendors in spite of that drawback. Our advice would be to start with a small order and see how it works out.

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