Kratom Pills: How to Make them the right way in 2020

An overview of Kratom Pills

It seems as though everyone is raving about Kratom lately. While it might seem to most people like Kratom is a relatively new product, people have actually been using it for its benefits for centuries.

Going by the scientific name of Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a type of evergreen herb that is predominantly grown and harvested in Southeast Asia. Natives to this region are the ones who have been using for hundreds of years to treat various ailments as well as to enhance the quality of life.

The rest of the world only came to know of the herb fairly recently and became enthralled with the substance after preliminary clinical studies revealed that Kratom has potentially life-changing benefits.

For one, Kratom has been found to be an extremely effective pain and stress reliever, mirroring the effects of pharmaceutical-grade drugs, but without the side effects. The red Kratom strain, especially, is saturated with alkaloids, which makes it a very potent sedative as well as analgesic. Using it, therefore, will help you in dealing with physical pain in addition to relaxing you in case you are anxious or stressed.

The white and green Kratom strains are famous for their stimulating properties. Using these strains boosts your energy levels, physically as well as emotionally. The green strain, however, tends to be more gentle than the white strain. Therefore, it is the ideal strain for people new to Kratom. The white strains can give you an incredible energy boost, especially if you use the potent variants, such as white Maeng Da or the White Indo. You might be looking to get stimulated, but you might end up getting overwhelmed unless you do something really taxing in order to use up that energy. At certain doses, the white strains can usher you into a state of euphoria where you see nothing wrong with the world.

In addition to relieving physical and psychological pain, Kratom has also been found to be effective at helping recovering substance abuse addicts with their withdrawal symptoms, thus making them less likely to relapse.

When it comes to getting this substance to your body, you can either take Kratom pills or Kratom powder. This article will discuss everything revolving around Kratom pills.

What are the Advantages of Kratom Pills over Kratom Powder?

Right off the bat, you will find that Kratom pills are typically more expensive than Kratom powder. It is no surprise, therefore, that most people would go for the powder.

Nonetheless, in spite of the cost factor, some people may find pills to be advantageous for the following reasons:

  • Taste

We won’t lie to you; Kratom is not the sweetest-tasting substance in the world. Quality Kratom, especially, has a very bitter taste. Even though most people can endure the taste, it makes for a very uncomfortable consumption experience. This is why most Kratom powder users mix it with beverages or their food.

Kratom pills allow you to get around that problem, thus making Kratom use a lot more bearable.

  • It’s neat

Using Kratom powder often comes with a lot of messiness. This is because you have to measure it on a scale, and it is unlikely that you will pour just the right amount. As such, in addition to creating a mess, you will also be prone to wasting your powder.

You will obviously have no such problems with Kratom pills.

  • Convenience

Most people like carrying around their Kratom with them since you never know when you might be in dire need of it. Imagine having to carry around Kratom powder with you. It is neither discreet nor convenient.

With Kratom pills, however, you can estimate the number of pills that will cover you throughout the day and carry them with you. You can also use them at work or on the street without anyone noticing.

  • Dosage

While Kratom might be laden with benefits, using incorrect dosages can result in unwanted effects or undesirable side effects. For example, you might want to use white Kratom for its stimulating properties, but taking too much of it, however, can leave you jittery and unable to settle down. You may want to use red Kratom for stress relief, but too much of it, however, can leave you feeling nauseous.

This is why you must adhere to dosage guidelines. As you can imagine, when using powder, you will take a lot of time measuring the correct dose. With Kratom pills, however, you will have no such problem.

It is for the aforementioned reasons, therefore, that quite a number of people prefer Kratom pills to powder.

Can You Make Your Own Kratom Pills?

If this question sounds absurd to you, then it is likely that you are still new to Kratom. People with Kratom experience know how difficult it is to find high-quality Kratom nowadays. You see, as more and more people get interested in this product, there has been an influx of Kratom ‘vendors.’ Most of these new vendors do not have a clue of what Kratom is, or they do not care. All they know is that there’s a Kratom need in the consumer market that needs to be satisfied. As such, just like most capitalists, they look for the cheapest Kratom they can find and sell it to the consumers at the market rate to make a profit.

Unfortunately, cheap Kratom is a low-quality Kratom. And when it comes to Kratom, quality is everything as it is what ensures that you get the desired benefits.

Vendors who sell actual high-quality Kratom are far and few in between. Some of them deal with Kratom powder exclusively as making pills increases their overhead costs. And because they do not want to jump ship just because their vendor doesn’t sell Kratom pills, some people may choose to buy the powder and make their own Kratom pills.

How to Make Kratom Pills

Making these pills is actually pretty straightforward. All you have to do is get capsules and a capsule-filling machine. While you can fill the capsules manually, it is an incredibly tedious process since you will have to measure the exact amount, fill the capsule, and then seal it. If you are up for making your own capsules, follow these steps.

  • Buy Capsules

You can easily get capsules on Amazon or eBay. We recommend getting either of the following capsules:

  • Gelatin Capsules

These are the most common as well as affordable types of capsules. They are made from animal by-products. Therefore, it is essential that you first check that you are not allergic to the materials used to make them.

  • Veggie Capsules

As the name implies, these are vegetarian-friendly capsules that are also free from chemicals and preservatives. They are typically made of cellulose and water. Also, they dissolve a lot faster than gelatin capsules. This makes them costlier than gelatin capsules.

  • Choose Capsule Size

Capsules come in different sizes. It is vital to choose a size that is ideal for your Kratom dose.

Some of the capsule sizes include:

  • Size 000 which holds 1 gram
  • Size 00 which holds 0.375 grams
  • Size 0 which holds 0.5 grams
  • Size 1 which holds 0.4 grams
  • Size 2 which holds 0.3 grams
  • Fill the Capsules

After deciding on your ideal capsule as well as size, you can now get to filling them. You can always do this manually, but it is unlikely you will be able to sustain the practice for long due to how tedious it is. A capsule-filling machine will save you a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you should get this machine if you are planning on using Kratom for a long time. If you are just experimenting with Kratom, however, there’s no need to invest a machine.

You will also need to invest on a scale to help you accurately weigh the powder that you put into the capsules.

Remember, you will only be filling one half of the capsule as the other half is the cover.

Are There Drawbacks to Using Kratom Pills?

We have highlighted how Kratom pills are arguably superior to powder. However, taking Kratom in powder form has one significant overtaking Kratom pills. Due to the capsules, Kratom pills first have to be digested in the stomach where the powder is released and absorbed into the bloodstream

As such, taking direct powder allows you to experience the effects sooner than taking Kratom pills. Nonetheless, the difference is only a couple of minutes.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to improve the quality of your life, then you can’t go wrong, including Kratom into your supplement stack.

For most people, Kratom pills offer the most ideal means of getting the substance into your system. They are just more convenient. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you choose pills or powder, none of it will matter if you do not get quality Kratom.

Your priority, therefore, should be identifying a vendor with a reputation for consistently providing high-quality Kratom. Hopefully, they will have packaged their products in pill form as well. If not, you can always get their powder and make your own pills.

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