Kratom strains 2020: Comprehensive Guide on them

An overview of Kratom strains

Kratom is a plant-based extract that has hit the news in the West for quite some time. However, what many people may not be aware of is the stunning variety of available strains. You won’t have to confine yourself to just one strain to deal with your situation.  

Instead, kratom provides you with a broad choice guaranteed to cover your specific needs. Moreover, you can switch between various strains to have good control of your condition. By the end of this article, you will know about all the kratom options together with their uses. 

Kratom background 

Kratom is a plant extract that comes from a southeast Asian tree called Mitragyna speciosa. The tree shares in the same family as the coffee tree and some of the effects are similar.

Kratom has been grown and used by the locals for centuries before it became known in the West. The natives consumed it in many ways, such as chewing, brewing, or swallowing the dry form. 

Kratom works in the body by acting on brain receptors. In this way, it can relieve pain, reduce fatigue, produce stimulation, and cause sedation. These effects are dose-dependent. For example, kratom used in low doses induces stimulation and energy. Higher doses can produce relaxation and sedation. 

In some countries, kratom has been banned. In the US, however, kratom is legal as a dietary supplement. This means it is not regulated by the FDA, although the FDA has made some efforts to ban it and also warn against its use. It is currently under the watch list of the FDA as a substance of concern. Meantime, kratom use has grown in popularity for both medicinal and recreational purposes. It has found use, especially as a means of aiding opiate addicts, to deal with withdrawal effects while attempting to quit the drugs. 

However, to use kratom effectively, you need to know that it comes in several strains. Not all are alike, and so they can’t all be used the same way. What are these kratom strains? Read on to discover. 

Kratom strain based on color 

The main strains of kratom that have been identified are based on the color. It’s easy to tell the strain in this way as you only have to note the color of the veins on the leaves. You can also look at the stems. Based on this identification, we end up with the following. 

  • Red vein kratom – this is the most common as well as the most popular strain. The demand for it is high, outstripping that of all the other strains. It’s leaf veins, and stems are red, which points to a unique alkaloid mix. This gives it powerful properties such as the ability to relax your mind and body. It is excellent for relaxation and counteracting stress and anxiety. It’s also the answer for insomnia because of its relaxing and sedative effects. Those suffering from chronic pain can also find relief as are those who want to come out of depression and buoy up their mood and motivation. Red vein kratom is the strain that is recommended for newbies who are having their first kratom encounter. 
  • White vein kratom – this strain stands at the polar opposite of Red kratom, excelling in producing energy and stimulation. Its white color is as a result of a different alkaloid blend that makes it differ from red kratom in its effects. So while red kratom would send you to sleep, white kratom elevates your alertness working in the opposite direction. Therefore it is perfect for you if you want to improve your mental focus to perform mentally intensive work. Students and professionals engaged in intellectually laborious work may find it useful. The benefits also extend to physical energy because it can elevate stamina and make you perform better. This means it can be an excellent aid for productivity if you want to perform any work.
  • White vein kratom is considered to be an excellent way to start your day. It is often compared to coffee, only it gives you much cleaner energy that leaves out the jitters that caffeine typically gives. It can be a bad idea to take this strain in the evening. This is because it is likely to interfere with your sleep since it makes you wakeful and alert. The best time to take it is in the morning so you can get started on your activities. 
  • Green kratom – The alkaloid compound composition of this strain gives it a green color appearance. This gives it properties that place it somewhere in the middle of Red kratom and white kratom. This means it does not appear at either of the extreme ends of the scale. Green kratom represents a compromise between red kratom and white kratom, offering a subtle blend of the effects of both strains that are of moderate intensity. If you want any of the effects of Red or white kratom but not to an overwhelming extent, this strain makes an excellent option. For example, you can get pain relief without getting drowsy. This gives you a more balanced outcome. People have also found it as a great alternative to caffeine. Just like caffeine, it stimulates you, but unlike it, it avoids the crash and jitters that caffeine is notorious for. Green vein kratom is also useful to make you engage better in social situations. It makes you loosen a bit and overcome your fears in your social interactions. A bit of a carefree attitude is needed for successful social mobility, and this strain can be ideal for that. 
  • Yellow kratom – though kratom is generally known to be in the 3 color categories of Red, green, and white, yellow kratom is yet another but rare color strain. However, unlike the others, its color does not arise from its natural state while growing out in the field. Instead, it results from a special drying process that turns its color to yellow. The yellow color comes from the alteration of its alkaloid content, which ends up giving it new properties. However, yellow kratom is initially derived from red or green kratom. It can arise from drying red kratom for a longer period. It can also occur from drying white or green kratom outdoors instead of indoors. Yellow kratom best resembles green vein kratom in its effects. This means it’s suitable if you are seeking the following benefits 
  • Pain relief 
    • Better concentration 
    • Euphoria 
    • Mental focus 
    • Elevation of mood 

Yellow kratom is used typically in the morning due to its energy that will drive you through the day.

Similar to green vein kratom, this strain is not as potent as white vein kratom. This makes it an excellent option for beginners who want to explore kratom. 

Kratom strain based on location 

Beyond color, kratom strains are also differentiated based on where they are grown and cultivated. They still bear the color tag as above, but the location adds another layer of difference. This goes for all the 3 major color strains, whether red, green, or white. It also applies to yellow kratom. So you can have any of the four colors coming from Bali, Sumatra, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, or Borneo.

Some of these strains include 

Red Kratom 

  • Red Bali 
  • Red Borneo 
  • Red Bantuanga
  • Red Damper
  • Red Dragon 
  • Red Gold 
  • Red Maeng Da, 
  • Red Sumatra
  • Red Thai 
  • Red Malay 

White Kratom 

  • White Borneo 
  • White Bali 
  • White Thai
  • White Dragon 
  • White Gold 

Green Vein kratom 

  • Green Borneo 
  • Green Bali 
  • Green Vietnam 
  • Green Indo 
  • Green Malay 
  • Green Sumatra

Yellow kratom 

  • Yellow Sumatra kratom 
  • Yellow Borneo kratom 
  • Yellow Malay Kratom 
  • Yellow Bali kratom 

Kratom strain based on leaf shape 

This is a way of identifying the kratom by looking at the outer edge of the leaf. Horned kratom has leaves marked by horn-like shapes around the edges. This is quite different from other kratom species. All the horned kratom also comes with the colors that we have already noted, Red, green, and white. 

However, in terms of effects, the horned version of kratoms does not come with any significant differences from their hornless counterparts. For example, there is little to differentiate between white horn kratom and the hornless white vein kratom. 


The difference in the effects of the Kratom strains comes as a result of various factors such as the color of the leaf veins, the location where the kratom is grown, and the specialized harvesting techniques that the kratom undergoes. These factors affect the chemical composition of the strain, which confers on its unique properties. Therefore, you can shop around and find the different strains that are in align with your needs, experiment on them for some time, and find one that is perfect for you.

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