Kratom Syndicate Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this kratom seller

Kratom is one of the more popular buzzwords in the wellness industry today, and it is not hard to see why; the substance is laden with benefits that promise to improve the overall quality of your life. From helping people manage chronic physical as well as psychological issues to boosting esteem, motivation, and productivity, Kratom is almost a magic pill.

Nonetheless, all these benefits are dependent on one factor; you must use quality Kratom. Unfortunately, getting a vendor who consistently supplies quality Kratom is like looking for a needle in a haystack in today’s market.

This is because Kratom is yet to be FDA-approved as it got to the western market relatively recently. As such, clinical tests to evaluate the substance’s full range of effects are still ongoing. As such, Kratom sale is yet to be regulated.

As a result, the market is proliferated with vendors who not only sell low-quality Kratom but counterfeit products as well, which might cause adverse effects upon use.

This is why Kratom enthusiasts are advised to be very cautious about who they purchase Kratom from. Before you buy from a vendor, it is imperative that you first ensure that they have a track record for providing quality Kratom.

Nevertheless, such research can be very time-consuming, and this is why we are here for you. In this Kratom vendor review, we shall take a look at a Kratom store that calls itself The Kratom Syndicate, and see whether they are worth your time and money.

Who are the Kratom Syndicate?

Admittedly, the Kratom Syndicate sounds like the name of a multi-national cartel that controls the entire Kratom industry. As much as we hate corny names, The Kratom Syndicate has a nice ring to it.

Nonetheless, this vendor is far from getting a crime movie to their credit since it seems like they are actually running a solid operation. Based in Nashville, the Kratom Syndicate claims to have the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the business.

Well, we always take such claims with a grain of salt, especially when they come from the vendor’s own mouth. What we cannot dispute, however, is the fairness of their prices. The Kratom Syndicate’s price offerings are some of the best in the game.

Unfortunately, most Kratom consumers learn the hard way that when the deal is too good to be true, you should almost always walk away. This is because obtaining and testing quality Kratom runs up a lot of costs, which inadvertently results in a higher price tag when the product hits the shelf.

Thus, whenever you see a Kratom vendor selling at prices that are well below the market average, it almost always means that they have made a compromise to make that happen, and, unfortunately, quality is usually the compromise.

The good news, however, based on our research, the Kratom Syndicate actually has decent products despite their low prices. The keyword here is ‘decent,’ we haven’t said that they are the best or anything.

User reviews about the company are mixed, with the number of consumers claiming to have had a positive experience with the company’s products being almost as many as those claiming to never want anything to do with the company ever again.

It seems to us, therefore, that the biggest problem afflicting the Kratom Syndicate is inconsistency. This means that the odds of having a decent experience with the company’s products are almost identical to those of getting disappointed.

But we digress. Let us first look at some of the Kratom syndicate’s characteristics before we judge them too harshly.

  • Product Selection

When looking for a Kratom vendor, you want one that offers a ton of different types of strains of Kratom. This ensures that they have a high probability of what you are looking for. A vendor who has a wide variety of Kratom strains is also likely to be well-educated in matters Kratom since it means they understand that different consumers have differing needs.

The Kratom Syndicate has one of the best product lineups we have seen of any Kratom vendor out there. They offer numerous Kratom strains, their variants, and even blends. What’s more, the company has even curated packages based on your level of experience with Kratom.

For an affordable price (below $40.00), a newbie can get the beginner’s pack with over five different strains of Kratom to help them choose their poison. People who are in love with Kratom get the opportunity to buy in bulk at very affordable rates.

Some of their hottest strains include:

  • The Red Kaupas

This Kratom strain is almost in every enthusiast’s top five list of Kratom strains; it is just that good. Not only does it have a wonderful scent, but it is also one of the best Kratom products to use if you are after euphoria. Euphoria refers to a state characterized by bliss where you are just happy.

Also, due to its potency, the Red Kaupas is also quite effective at pain management and is recommended for people with chronic pain conditions, such as cancer and arthritis.

  • Green Maeng Da

The green Maeng Da is thought to be the most well-balanced strain of Kratom. This implies that, even though it is effective, it does not overpower the average user like most strains do to beginners. As such, it works for almost everyone and is the strain to go for if you find yourself constantly looking for an energy boost.

In addition to being a healthy replacement for caffeine, it has also been shown to be incredibly beneficial in the management of anxiety and depression.

  • Enhanced Kratom

This is a special Kratom strain that has undergone an intense purification process to enhance its potency. As such, due to its powerful effects, this particular strain is not recommended for novice users.

Long story short, we like the Kratom Syndicate’s product lineup, and other vendors should consider having such an impressive product stockpile as well.

  • Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the Kratom Syndicate has one of the friendliest price offerings in the market. Most of their products retail at either average or below-average market prices. While all this sounds good, it will only work in your favor if the product actually works for you.

You can imagine the chuckles we had, therefore, when we saw that the company’s website actually recommends that you start with a small initial product. It is as if the Kratom Syndicate is attempting damage control from the onset in case you are disappointed with their products. Nonetheless, we love the idea since it gives the consumer a chance to test the waters and see how well they love a product before committing to a bulkier order.

The Kratom Syndicate also allows you to make further savings through promo codes and coupons. If you become a regular customer, you get to enjoy discounts of up to 10 percent.

They also have a loyalty program that allows their loyal customers to get even more amazing deals. Check out their website to learn more about that program.

We do appreciate the effort that the Kratom Syndicate is putting into taking care of their customers.

  • Payment Options

This is yet another area where the Kratom Syndicate outshines other Kratom vendors. The company allows for more than 10 different types of payment methods. They include Bitcoin, Zelle, Circle Pay, Cash App, Money Order, Cash in Mail, Google Mail, Credit Cards, Western Union, e-check, and cash on delivery.

Of course, the company favors some methods over others since some payment options are usually costlier to process. The store offers discounts when you use friendlier payment methods.

Again, we also appreciate the convenience that the Kratom Syndicate is providing to its customers. It is very thoughtful.

  • Shipping Policies

Even though the Kratom syndicate does not guarantee same-day shipping, most customers are delighted with the company’s shipping policies. It typically takes about three days on average between you placing the order and the package gets to you.

Additionally, the store is also quite discrete in how it packages its products. Your order will arrive in an unmarked package, thus ensuring that no one knows what’s inside the box.

We appreciate the fact that the company does not attempt to give false promises by saying that they offer same-day shipping the way most vendors do.

  • Customer Support

Based on the customer reviews we read, it seems as though the company has a good customer support system. You can reach them via phone or email, and they are typically fast to answer or reply.

The Verdict

To enjoy Kratom, you will need to get high-quality strains. This means looking for a vendor with a track record of consistently providing high-quality Kratom.

While the Kratom Syndicate certainly checks off a lot of boxes for a good Kratom vendor, unfortunately, the company has not been able to be consistent in its quality offerings.

As such, you never know what you might get. The good news, however, is that when they fail to provide quality, they provide an ‘okay’ product, meaning that it just might work for you. Consider starting with a small order to test the waters.

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