Life Force Kratom Review 2021: What you need to know

While the experience you get from using Kratom is typically dependent on the type of strain that you go for, the most contributory factor towards whether you get to experience those effects or not is quality.

Quality is everything as far as Kratom goes. Unfortunately, it is also the one thing that you cannot count on when it comes to most Kratom vendors.

Quality is yet to become an FDA-approved product. This, therefore, means that the Federal government does not regulate its quality. As a result, this leaves the Kratom industry vulnerable to infiltration by unscrupulous businesspeople looking to capitalize on the opportunity and make a quick buck off the unsuspecting Kratom enthusiasts.

life force kratom

This is why Kratom users are always advised to perform ample research on Kratom vendors they are considering to purchase from before making the buy. This will help ensure that you not only avoid losing your money but that you also don’t get to experience the effects that come with using low-quality or counterfeit products.

One of the best, as well as the easiest ways of determining a Kratom vendor’s authenticity, is by checking for online reviews about them. Reddit, as well as other renowned Kratom forums, should be a good place to start your research. Do not rely on the ‘customer reviews’ that you find on the vendor’s own website as those could be manipulated.

If you are looking for a detailed review, however, then you have come to the right place. Life Force Kratom is one of the more well-known Kratom vendors out there. But are they legit? Would you enjoy using this company’s Kratom? Let’s find out.

Who is Life Force Kratom?

Life Force Kratom is a family-owned Kratom store based in Dartmouth, MA. While the company is still quite new to the Kratom industry, it has been able to cement a reputation among Kratom enthusiasts as one of the most versatile Kratom vendors online.

The company claims customer satisfaction as its top-most priority. Nonetheless, such claims should always be taken with a grain of salt since you cannot expect a vendor to downplay themselves.

In this review, therefore, we aim to see how Life Force Kratom actually measures up the standards that we believe define a good Kratom vendor. We shall do so by evaluating the company based on the following factors:

  • Product Selection

One of the telling signs of a legit vendor is that they typically have a diverse array of Kratom strains. Most Kratom vendors typically sell between 4 and 6 of the most popular Kratom strains, which is just being lazy. With so many Kratom strains around, it is safe to presume that customers will develop preferences, and a legit vendor will go out of their way to ensure that a user gets their favorite strain from the store.

We have to admit that Life Force Kratom has a pretty impressive product lineup. In fact, one of the most common positive attributes about the company is their diverse array of strains. It is safe to say, therefore, that Life Force Kratom likely offers whatever you use.

The company categorizes its various products according to their leaf color. This makes it easier for the customer to trace down the specific product they need, which is quite commendable on the company’s part.


Therefore, the company offers:

  • Green Vein Strains

The green strains are quite unique in the Kratom family. They work to supplement the effects of the other strains. For example, make the painkilling effects of the red strain more potent or boost the energizing properties of the White strains. Green strains also contain a load of other benefits, including boosting cognitive functions as well as the immune system.

Life Force Kratom offers over 15 different types of green strains and blends.

  • Red Vein Strains

Red Kratom strains are arguably the most popular among Kratom users due to their powerful effects, which include pain suppression and sedation. High-quality red strains are reported as being better at pain and stress relief than pharmaceutical-grade meds but without the side effects.

Some strains of Red Vein Kratom are even used in the treatment of opiate addiction.

Life Force Kratom routinely has over 10 different strains and blends of Red Vein Kratom in its stock.

  • White Vein Strains

The White Kratom strains are popular among individuals looking to boost their productivity. This is because they not only enhance your physical energy, but also boost your mental energy, clarity, focus, and concentration.

They have also been found to be effective at alleviating the symptoms of depression. Life Force Kratom usually has up 10 different types and blends of White Kratom.

  • Yellow Kratom Strains

The yellow strains are renowned for their energy-boosting and mood-uplifting properties. Life Force Kratom offers only two variants of this strain.

We have to be honest, this one of the best product lineups we have ever seen. However, our joy was short-lived after finding out that most of Life Force Kratom’s products are out of stock. The company is claiming that it has been unable to replenish its stocks due to Kratom politics in South East Asia.

  • Pricing

While it is the norm to look for the most pocket-friendly prices when looking for a product, it is not as straightforward when it comes to Kratom.

This is because, as mentioned, Kratom is not a regulated substance and, therefore, even its prices are not controlled. As such, you cannot use price as one of the leading factors in determining your choice of vendor.

You only use price to vet vendors after you are sure that they provide quality Kratom. Life Force Kratom’s prices are within the market average. You will also find that Kratom stores that have a reputation for providing good Kratom tend to have prices that are either average or above average as compared to the average market prices.

  • Quality

There are two ways you can go about determining whether a vendor sells quality Kratom. The first is by checking whether they provide certificates of analysis. A certificate of analysis is a lab report from a credible third-party facility that reveals the details of a tested substance. These details include the composition, purity, and quality of the product, in this case, Kratom.

An authentic Kratom vendor should go out of their way to have their products tested. This is to not only help reassure the customers that they are getting the legit product, but also for the vendor to ascertain that they have indeed received quality Kratom.

The vendor should then let their customers know that their products are tested and that the customers can get the certificates of analysis upon request. There are a couple of vendors who do this, and it is no surprise, therefore, that they also have a reputation for selling the good stuff.

Unfortunately, Life Force Kratom does not test its products, or rather, doesn’t say whether it does.

The other means of determining whether a vendor sells quality Kratom is by checking online customer reviews. As mentioned earlier, do not take the reviews you see on a vendor’s site seriously, rather, go to legit forums on the web to see what Kratom consumers feel about a company.

In our research, we found Life Force Kratom’s reviews to be mixed. There were a good number of people praising the company for its products and services, but unfortunately, there was also a significant number of customers who were not satisfied with what they received.

This indicates a lack of consistency on the company’s part. As such, your chances of being happy with what you receive from Life Force Kratom are about the same as with those of you being unhappy with what you receive.

  • Website Value

Since we are talking about online transactions, it is imperative that the vendor’s website allows the customer to have a seamless and valuable experience.

This means that the website should load fast, be easy to use, and provide some sort of value other than what they are selling. This value comes in the form of further educating the customer about Kratom through blog posts and articles.

Life Force Kratom is simple and straightforward, which we like. Unfortunately, they offer no valuable information about their products. They just indicate what they are selling, and that’s it, which is lazy.

Also, the company only allows you to pay through e-check, money orders, and cryptocurrency, which can be inconveniencing to a lot of consumers.

Reviews indicate that the company has a good customer support system, though. Of course, we will always appreciate that.

The Verdict

When looking for a good Kratom vendor, the most important fact to consider is their consistency. Sure, there are a lot of unscrupulous vendors out there selling low-quality Kratom on purpose. Fortunately, those kinds of vendors are easy to scope out via online reviews.

The majority of the vendors, however, are well-meaning and will work to give you the best products. Unfortunately, most of them are inconsistent in their quality offerings, and Life Force Kratom is one of them.

We like this company but believe that they still got work to do if they are to be categorized among reliable vendors. For now, you can purchase a small pack from them and see how well you like it before committing to the company for your Kratom needs.


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