Okie Kratom Review 2020: Should you buy here?

Okie Kratom: an overview

Kratom is all the rage lately and has been for the past few years. When most people hear about Kratom, however, they think that it is one particular product whose list of benefits makes it the next best thing after sliced bread. Nonetheless, upon embarking on their search for Kratom, they are usually shocked to realize that there are actually multiple variants of Kratom.

In fact, this problem is not just limited to new users, as people who have experience with Kratom are always surprised to learn that there is a new Kratom strain every time they go to stock up on their Kratom stack.

It is necessary to get educated on the various strains of Kratom to find one that suits your needs best. This is because Kratom strains not only differ in their potencies but also in the effects that they yield upon using them.

Nonetheless, the strain you go for matters less if you are not going to get the actual product. Kratom is still a relatively new product to the market and is yet to be federally approved. This means that it is not a controlled substance and, therefore, is susceptible to fraud. Due to the high satisfaction rate that Kratom enjoys among its users, more and more unscrupulous people are crawling out of the woodwork and looking to make a quick buck off Kratom.

As such, they are not only uneducated about the substance but will more than likely purchase low-quality Kratom cheaply and sell it to you at normal market prices in order to make a killing.

Therefore, the choice of Kratom vendor is perhaps more important than that of which Kratom strain is good for you. This is because if you get a legit Kratom vendor, you will enjoy the services of a person who is actually well-educated on matters Kratom and, therefore, will not only sell you high-quality products but will also help you determine which Kratom strain is best for you.

This is why you must always research a vendor before you purchase from them. Are you wondering if Okie Kratom is a legit Kratom vendor? This article will review this company so as to determine whether you should buy your Kratom from them.

Who is Okie Kratom?

This is a Kratom selling company that was found by Gary D. Blodgett. Mr. Blodgett decided to start his own Kratom store as a result of the numerous terrible experiences that he had had when looking for Kratom to use.

The biggest problem, however, was the unavailability of Kratom. In his hometown, getting any Kratom vendor was a tall order. The Kratom that he could find was from people whose main businesses had nothing to do with such wellness products, such as sex toy shops. You can imagine getting a product that is meant to enhance your health from such a store. One cannot begin to imagine the drawbacks that come with making such a purchase.

Moreover, even if Gary could give them the benefit of doubt, his public career made it a very tricky endeavor to make his Kratom purchase from those stores.

Another hurdle that Gary had to deal with was the packaging units and quantities. You see, just like most Americans, Gary is not used to the metric system of measurements, and this gave him difficulties discerning how much Kratom he really needed since the units of measurement used in most Kratom packages are grams.

Additionally, most Kratom vendors sell their wares in bulk. This can be a tricky proposition, especially for a new customer since it means that they will have to invest a significant sum in a product that they might not end up liking.

It is these frustrations that led to Gary deciding to open up his own store whose aim would be to give Kratom users the best experience possible. In addition to providing quality strains of Kratom, Okie Kratom also allows users to purchase as little as 0.5 ounces of whichever Kratom strain they desire so they can experiment with different Kratom strains without having to invest an arm and a leg in the process.

Okie Kratom has been on the scene for a while now. However, it is quite puzzling that there is not much information on the company online. Finding reviews on Okie Kratom will prove to be a tall order. In an industry that places a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction, the apparent lack of customer reviews does not favor the company.

Nonetheless, we will not judge the company based on their lack of reviews. Instead, we shall embark on a series of factors that we use to determine whether a Kratom vendor is legit. They include:

  • Website Interface

The website of a Kratom vendor is a crucial indicator of how serious they are. A good website should not only look nice but also be informative and interactive as well. It shows that the Kratom store cares about actually making a positive impact on its customers’ lives, rather than just to make a profit.

Okie Kratom has done an excellent job on their website. It has a fantastic layout that allows customers to know which of their products are in stock. All you have to do is go to their homepage. Also, it makes it even easier for the customer as they categorize their Kratom products based on vein color.

Okie Kratom’s website also has a page that is dedicated for promos only. Here, you can look out for discounts that will help bring your overall costs down.

The only fault we found on the website was its relative lack of educational information. This is because the majority of Kratom users are not well-versed with the product and, thus, could use all the help available. Informative articles and blog posts rather than mere product descriptions, therefore, would go a long way towards making a more satisfying customer experience.

  • Product Selection

Okie Kratom has one of the most impressive product lineups of any Kratom vendor. As mentioned earlier, the company offers red, white, and green strains and their various versions. In fact, there are over 30 different Kratom strains that Okie Kratom offers.

This is one of the telling signs of a seasoned and legit Kratom vendor since it means that they understand that customers can be looking for a very specific product. The fact that Okie Kratom has almost every Kratom strain under its roof shows that the company goes over and beyond to ensure that their customers do not have a difficult time finding what they need. It also shows that the company stays updated on any developments in the Kratom industry.

  • Product Quality

Of course, any Kratom vendor out there will claim that they offer the best products under the sun, and Okie Kratom is not any different. Therefore, expecting consumers to take their word for it would be asking for too much without any evidence.

Unfortunately, Okie Kratom does not provide a lot in terms of evidence. The most validating proof that a Kratom vendor can provide are reports of independent lab tests done on their products showing the quality as well as the purity of their products. These reports are called certificates of analysis. They should be backed up by an accredited third-party testing facility if the customer would wish to confirm the claims in the reports.

The fact that Okie Kratom doesn’t provide these reports isn’t exactly a gesture of reassurance to their customers.

Nonetheless, the few customer reviews there are about the company are positive. We are not looking to make excuses for the company’s lack of reviews. Still, we believe that scarce reviews can be attributed to most customers being satisfied with the products and finding no reason to complain, as that is the reason behind most reviews.

  • Pricing

One of the most shocking things we discovered about the company was its prices. Okie Kratom has one of the most consumer-friendly prices on the market. They are so cheap that some of their products sell at half the price of other stores.

This brings us back to the question of quality. How is Okie Kratom able to provide quality products at such low prices and still be able to break even? How they are able to do that remains a mystery because there are still no complains about their quality.

Final Thoughts

Okie Kratom may not be the most well-known Kratom vendor out there, but they seem like a solid store based on our research. The company is going over and beyond to avail the best of the Kratom world to its customers.

Nonetheless, the lack of lab test reports is something they need to work on since it might be the reason why they are not as famous since not a lot of consumers are willing to use their own bodies as guinea pigs. Certificates of analysis, therefore, would go a long way towards reassuring potential customers that they are the real deal.

All in all, however, Okie Kratom is a store that we would recommend getting your Kratom from.

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