OPMS Kratom Review 2020: Is this kratom supplier reliable?

An introduction to OPMS Kratom

One of the best ways of knowing whether a particular Kratom vendor sells legit stuff or not is by going through the user reviews. These provide the perfect opportunity for understanding the different aspects of a company before you’ve ever spent your money on them. And yes, we realize that certain vendors have gone to the extent of buying positive reviews, which is really unfortunate, but the presence of numerous online Kratom forums should help you get an independent picture of what a company is all about.

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Now, we understand that all reviews cannot be stellar. There is always going to be a group of people who are dissatisfied with a particular supplier. They could have legit reasons, while others may have other motivations for leaving negative feedback. Either way, there’s always going to be some not-so-good feedback, so the trick is in comparing the good to the bad. If the number of impressed users is more than the complaints, then that should be compelling enough to justify giving the supplier a shot.

Looking at the user reviews regarding OPMS Kratom, we get quite a disappointing response. A lot of the reviews we came across pointed a worrying picture, and the worst part is that the complaints were mostly regarding the purity and overall quality of their strains. Read on and understand what exactly you are getting yourself into before you go ahead and place your order.

About OPMS Kratom

OPMS (Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions) Kratom is a well-known Kratom supplier that has been around since 2010. They have quite a presence on the internet, which is a good thing as it makes it much easier for regular buyers to understand how good their products really are.

From their website, you can tell that they have only four products. You will also notice that you cannot buy directly from the website. Instead, you have to look for authorized distributors and stores that can hook you up with their stuff.

Looking at the website, I get the vibe that the company is more worried about counterfeit OPMS products in the market than they are about the quality of their own products. From the homepage, there is a link to authenticity. I was keen to click on it thinking I’d see some laboratory reports or anything of the sort, but what I met was a detailed review on how to identify legit OPMS products from the counterfeit. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand their need for fighting counterfeits, but perhaps they should have spared a little of the energy to provide comprehensive details on lab testing and maybe even publish a certificate of analysis? Their overemphasis on counterfeit OPMS products can actually be interpreted as a red flag by most buyers. Like, could it be their way of claiming that the many negative user reviews are actually from counterfeit products and not their actual items?


OPMS Products

Hover your mouse over the “Product” segment on the homepage, and you will see four categories of their products plus a section named Suggested Retail Price. You could click on any of the four links, but you won’t get any useful information regarding the specific product. The only thing you will see under these links is either marketing-driven product details or more information on OPMS fakes; it’s honestly very exhausting!

  • OPMS Silver

OPMS Silver seems to be the standard Kratom whose potency is supposed to be somewhere in the middle as they refer to it as “1 times Extract”. They explain that they have engineered their own alkaloid standards. They also test their products for alkaloid content before blending the batches, and this is supposed to help in delivering consistent quality.  The problem here is they don’t provide further details on how and what they blend these batches with, so it’s tough to tell what exactly it is you are consuming.

The OPMS silver is available in Thai, Malay Special Reserve, and Maeng Da Blends. Again, they don’t give you details on what the blends entail and the specific vein color utilized.

  • OPMS Gold

OPMS Gold is supposed to be the crown jewel. It is available in capsule form only, and these are sold either in 2, 3, or 5 counts. What this means is you cannot buy them in a container, and if you think this is bad, then wait until you hear the asking price.

Once more, OPMS Kratom does not let us in on what is really contained in the capsules. We don’t know what the strain is, the color of the vein, and whether it’s only Kratom that is in the capsules or if it’s blended with something else.

  • OPMS Liquid

This comes in a very small bottle of just 8ml. OPMS Liquid appears to be a Kratom extract blended into the liquid. Unfortunately, we don’t know what strains are used and the other components. Most of the people who’ve used it reported that it delivers a quick rush, which crashes within an hour.

The final product from OPMS is the OPK Kava.

OPMS Pricing

The suggested price list on the powdered OPMS Silver seems to be quite reasonable. An ounce of Thai and Maeng Da is around $7.19 and $7.49, respectively, while the Malay is going for $8.49. It’s the OPMS Gold, which is insanely priced. 2 ct of this product is retailing at $17.99, 3 ct for $26.49 while the 5 ct is going for $43.49! The 8ml bottle is priced at $17.99.

Bear in mind that the above are just but suggested prices. This is to mean that their distributors and stores can decide to revise them upwards.

User Reviews

Here are a few of the user testimonials to give you an idea of what you can expect from the OPMS products:

“I tried OPMS for the first time a few weeks ago, took a capsule on top of 5 grams of plain leaf. I didn’t feel much an hour later, so I decided to take the other cap. I shouldn’t have done that. It was pretty damn powerful, but it didn’t really feel like Kratom. I was super energetic, I ended up getting a huge headache later in the night and felt like shit the next day. I also woke up in the middle of the night, and the whites of my eyes were pink, which concerned me a little, but it might not have been related.” By Chody88

“dude, I don’t know. opms ruined my tolerance. After using it for like a month, now I have to eat an entire ounce of regular powdered Kratom just to feel anything. I’m gonna take a two-week break to see if I can reset my tolerance.” By Soulrebel616

“Seriously, I really want someone to look into this. OPMS liquid just doesn’t feel like Kratom. I really want someone to test it in a lab just to make sure.” By Neptunesice

“I buy the OPMS Silver Malay as a treat sometimes. It’s stronger than anything else I’ve tried.” By Helix19

Bottom Line

The fact that OPMS Kratom does not disclose what their products really contain is a serious issue. As we’ve seen, some buyers are reporting that while the products seem to be powerful, the effects didn’t seem as natural as they are when taking Kratom from other vendors. This hints at the possibility of the inclusion of other substances into the Kratom. For this reason, I will encourage you to be very careful when buying and using OPMS Kratom products. I also wouldn’t recommend new Kratom users to take anything more than the Kratom silver as OPMS Gold can mess up your tolerance pretty fast!


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