Precious Mitre Review 2020: Pro’s & Con’s of this kratom vendor

Precious Mitre: a brief summary

As Kratom continues to garner critical acclaim, more and more people are becoming interested in this herb from Southeast Asia. The one thing about Kratom, however, is that if you want to experience the substance’s full range of benefits, you must use a high-quality strain.

However, if there’s something that is not assured in the Kratom industry, it is quality. Here’s the thing, in spite of Kratom being an integral component of the Southeast Asia culture and being actively used by natives for centuries, it got to the western market very recently.

And for any product to become federally approved, it must go through numerous clinical trials to ascertain, without a doubt, that it is fit for human consumption, and that its full range of effects as well as side effects are well understood. As you can imagine, that process can take years. Kratom is still undergoing these trials and is yet to become an FDA-approved product.

As a result, Kratom quality is yet to be standardized. But since consumers want it anyway, there has been a demand for the product, which cannot possibly be fulfilled by the original vendors responsible for introducing us to the substance. This has resulted in the mushrooming of unscrupulous vendors whose sole aim is to make a profit and could care less about the quality of the product that they are providing.

Low-quality Kratom will not only fail to give you the benefits that you are after but may also cause you to experience some very unpleasant side effects.

This is why consumers, especially those new to Kratom, are advised to conduct thorough research on a vendor before you purchase from them. Some of the factors about a vendor to consider include quality, affordability, and reliability.

This is what will ensure that you get high-quality Kratom.

This article will look at a vendor going by the name of Precious Mitre to see whether they are a legitimate vendor and whether you should purchase your Kratom from this vendor.

Who is Precious Mitre?

Precious Mitre is Bay Area, California-based Kratom store, which is quite respected in the Kratom community. The vendor claims to supply pure and unadulterated Kratom powder. Every vendor will make such claims, so it is best to take such claims with a grain of salt.

The company’s name was inspired by a Dutch botanist Pieter Willem Korthals who saw similarities in the shape of a Kratom leaf to that of a bishop’s hat (mitre).

So, is this vendor all that they claim to be? Let’s find out based on the following factors:

  • Product Offerings

One of the markings of a legitimate Kratom vendor is having a wide selection of products. There are very many types of Kratom strains, with each having a unique set of benefits. As such, there are just as many types of Kratom enthusiasts, which means that a serious vendor will go out of their way to ensure that they can meet the needs of the various Kratom users.

Precious Mitre’s product lineup is not too shabby. In fact, it is one of the best lineups in the business.

Some of their more popular strains include:

  • Trifecta

This is not a Kratom strain per se but, rather, a blend of different strains. In this case, the S, V, and plain leaves. Blends are usually made in order to combine the effects of various strains into one product. The trifecta blend not only tastes good (Kratom strains are infamous for their bitterness) but is also quite effective.

Trifecta consumers claim that the blend puts them in high spirits for hours. Additionally, at higher doses, the trifecta becomes a really strong sedative. By virtue of those two benefits, it means that this blend is good for people dealing with psychological problems as well as those with sleeping problems, such as insomnia.

  • White Vietnam

White Vietnam is one of the most coveted strains on the market. This is because, to make the strain, healthy Kratom leaves have to be taken through an intense purification process to enhance its potency.

As a result, its effects are almost immediately upon consumption. Most Kratom users go for white Vietnam when looking for a substance that can boost both their physical and mental energy levels tremendously. It also boosts mood and is, therefore, recommended for people dealing with depression.

  • Mitre Magic

This is a blend of the green and white strains by Precious Mitre and is designed for people looking to boost their confidence levels, especially if they are going to a social event. It stimulates the user’s mood, energy, and motivation.

However, since it works to put the user into a higher energy level, it might not be suitable for people with anxiety issues since its effects might cause them to be over-anxious. It is also quite potent and, thus, if it is not used appropriately, a high dose could make the user jittery.

  • Green Malay

The Green Malay Kratom strain is renowned for its potent energy-boosting capabilities. In fact, in countries where it is grown, it is a common sight to see farmers go about their business with its leaves in their mouths. The effects of the Green Malay can make a mundane task seem epic and is, therefore, recommended for people dealing with lethargy, fatigue, or motivation issues.

It is crucial to adhere to dosage guidelines since too much of the green Malay can cause dizziness and headaches. Users are advised against exceeding 6 grams per dose.

  • Yellow Vietnam

While Yellow Vietnam is regarded as one of the milder strains of Kratom, that should not be confused with weakness. Yellow Vietnam is primarily used for calming down over-anxious or hyper-stimulated minds. As such, it is a sedative that should be treated with respect.

As you can observe from the examples listed above, Precious Mitre has a Kratom strain answer to every problem that might lead to an individual to contemplate using Kratom. The fact that the company goes ahead to create its own Kratom blends shows the passion and enthusiasm that it has for the product, which is only good for the consumers.

  • Quality of their Products

An impressive product line up means nothing if the product quality is garbage. As mentioned earlier, however, you will have to hassle to get quality Kratom consistently.

One way you can use to help you determine if a vendor sells quality Kratom is by checking if they provide certificates of analysis or similar reports. A certificate of analysis is a lab report from an independent testing facility that details the composition, purity, and quality of a product. If a vendor has such reports for their products, it means that they have faith in what they are selling you and are willing to prove it to you.

Fortunately, Precious Mitre does have its products tested, and will provide proof of that if you need to see it.

Another method of determining if a vendor sells the good stuff is by going online on forums to see what other consumers think about a vendor.

When we went digging, we found out that the far majority of people who had purchased their Kratom from Precious Mitre had nothing but good things to say about the company.

  • Customer Service

Another hallmark of a legit vendor is the effort they put into customer support. Customer support is especially vital in the Kratom industry because most people are not well-versed in the product and, therefore, may not know where to start.

A good vendor understands this and will go out of their way to educate interested parties regardless of whether they are going to purchase from them or not.

Precious Mitre has been able to build a solid reputation off of its customer support services alone. Reviews online say that the vendor is usually very quick to reply to queries and complaints, and aims to resolve issues as fast as possible.

  • Pricing

If you can identify several Kratom vendors with a track record of providing quality Kratom consistently, you may now use price as a factor to help you determine the vendor that you should go for.

Precious Mitre’s prices are one of the friendliest on the market, especially considering that the vendor is known for selling quality Kratom. For example, a kilo of their product can go as low as $70, which is insanely cheap.


Getting a good Kratom vendor is no walk in the park. This is because, while there are some legit snake oil salesmen in the game, the majority of the vendors mean well but are unable to provide quality Kratom consistently.

A Kratom vendor who supplies quality Kratom consistently at cost-friendly prices is very rare. When you get them, you stick to them like glue. Precious Mitre is a unicorn in the Kratom industry, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Kratom vendor to anyone looking for good Kratom.

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