Red Borneo kratom Review 2020: best Red Kratom for Relaxation?

The history of Red Borneo kratom

Borneo is reputed to be the world’s most populated island, but can the Red Borneo kratom which it produces also prove to be world-beating? In this article, we will delve into Red Borneo kratom and discover how it stacks up in the kratom world. Should you try it, and is it any good? 

Long before anyone knew about Kratom, people were using it in the South East Asia regime for many centuries. By the time its popularity started spreading to the Western market, the locals were well ahead of everybody in the growing, harvesting, and processing techniques of the plant. Even now, no kratom can equal the quality of that obtained from these Asian resorts. 

One big reason is the unique tropical climate and soil quality that ensures exceptional kratom quality.

The Kratom that is grown displays 3 main types or strains. These are the green, red, and white vein kratom strains. You can tell this by looking at the color of the stems or the veins of the leaves. Each different color brings you a different effect and experience due to a unique mix and concentration level of compounds. 

But the distinction of kratom strains goes beyond color and includes the location from where it is obtained. Even though they all come from the South Eastern Asian tropical region, the exact location where the Kratom grows gives birth to the distinct strains that we use.

Hence Red Borneo, which comes from Borneo in Indonesia, may differ from other red strains such as Red Bali or Red Maeng Da. 


What will you get from Red Borneo kratom in terms of benefits? For more than 100 years, Red Borneo has excelled in providing you these medicinal benefits.

  • Chronic pain 
  • Scoliosis
  • Treatment of hypertension 
  • Depression
  • Fatigue reduction 
  • Alleviating anxiety 
  • Fibromyalgia

Side effects 

Red Borneo kratom typically displays few or no side effects. Exceptions appear mainly because of improper use, such as through excessive dosages. These may include 

  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Aggression 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation 
  • Delusion 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Troubled breathing 
  • Numb sensation in the tongue 
  • Irritability 

Avoiding these side effects is as easy as adhering to your recommended dosage levels. Those just starting out on their kratom journey can be particularly affected if they start too high. 

How does Red Borneo work? 

  • Combating pain relief – red Borneo can be useful in relieving pain, regardless of its severity. Thus mild and chronic pain can be treated as well as those that appear as symptoms of diseases. Its pain fighting effect is due to its unique chemical makeup, which consists of some special compounds.
  • Sedative effects – This property is one that Red Borneo shares with Indo Kratom, a well known powerful sedative. It also has striking parallels with hypnotic medication. 
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety are a worrying fixture of modern life. Many people are desperately looking for ways of relieving themselves from this growing problem. Red Borneo kratom can be a helpful aid in killing stress and anxiety. However, unlike other common options such as Valium, Xanax, or Klonopin, it comes with fewer side effects. This is due to its more natural based with no artificial chemicals. Moreover, pharmaceutical drugs tend to produce tolerance and dependence. 
  • Improving sleep quality – if you want baby-quality sleep that is deep and restful, Red Borneo is a good choice. Thus comes from its unique sedative qualities that bring about a high level of calm. It makes an excellent aid for those who have to deal with insomnia.

  • Perfect for dealing with addiction and withdrawal problems – one of the most challenging things that users of narcotics and opiates encounter is when they attempt to quit. The withdrawal symptoms can be distressing, which makes quitting almost impossible. Red Borneo can be used as a replacement drug and help to ease the process of withdrawal. Addicts of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine can find relief in using it. Red Borneo binds to the same brain receptors that these drugs bind to. So it can replace them since it will produce the same effects while helping to kick the addiction to them.
  • Controlling hypertension – given the growing prevalence of high blood pressure in our modern society, Red Borneo can be a handy thing to always have at home as an antidote. 


The Red Borneo strain is highly concentrated in 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It is a terpenoid indole alkaloid. This potent pain killer, along with the sedative ability, is what it gives Red Borneo Kratom its distinctive properties. The strain is then offered as a medicinal drug or supplement. 


Similar to most other kratom strains, you need to figure out the dosage that best suits you as an individual. Factors that are taken into account to arrive at the right dosage may include your age, sex, weight, and unique body chemistry. Are you just starting, or are you are an experienced user? That also plays a role in making your ideal dosage. 

Here is a look at a rough guide that is based on experience 

  • Newbie (1 gm) – effects include mood enhancement and stimulation. These are only slight and barely perceptible 
  • Mild (1 to 2 gm) – You will still experience effects at a lower degree. However, you will be able to perceive them well 
  • Moderate (2 to 4 gm) – This gives you the whole spectrum of effects in a balanced way. They include euphoria, sedation, pain alleviation and stimulation
  • Powerful (3 to 6 gm) – This sends you to the high scale of experiencing analgesic, euphoric and sedative effects 
  • Very powerful (5 to 8) – The effects are overwhelming and intolerable for most people. There is a strong possibility of the massive sedative and euphoric effects to make you slip into hallucinations.

Price and availability 

Red Borneo kratom can be bought in a variety of formats such as powder, capsule, or leaves. The leaf form is usually only available in the locations where it is native in South East Asia. Red Borneo is usually processed into powder, capsule, or resin form before it is put up for sale.

Despite a push at various times to make it illegal, Kratom is still legally available in most places in America. The FDA, however, has made it a closely watched drug and has sometimes issued warnings that it may be harmful to health. Supporters of Kratom, however, contend that Kratom should be kept available as a useful health option for those with chronic pain or opioid addiction. 

You should not use Red Borneo kratom if you are 

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding – the use of Kratom has not been subjected to human clinical trials, to determine all its effects. There is an unknown chance that it could adversely affect the unborn child or suckling baby. It’s, therefore, best to abstain out of an abundance of precaution. 
  • Using other medications – Kratom may interact adversely with other drugs in ways that are not known yet. It is advised not to use Kratom with other drugs, including prescription drugs. You may need to see your doctor before using Kratom while on any other drugs. 
  • Pre-heart problems or difficulties with your kidney, Kratom may not be suitable for you. You may also need to get a doctor’s advice to go ahead and use it.

What about the Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo Kratom? 

This is a newly introduced version of Red Borneo, which could blow your mind with its advanced capabilities. Made from boiled kratom resin and blended with a mix of alkaloids, it can give you a much more enhanced effect of relaxation. It also boasts an appealing aroma.ahd is a powerful sleep aid. 


  • Has great sedative effects 
  • Can manage high blood pressure and control stress 
  • Can improve sleep problems 
  • Improves the mood 
  • Alleviates pain symptoms with long-lasting effects 


  • Powder  format has bad taste 
  • Can produce some side effects 
  • Not well suited for producing stimulation or energy compared with other strains 


Red Borneo kratom brings yet another addition to the exciting kratom family. It stands out for its unique qualities, such as relaxation, relieving pain, and sleep problems. It is also a powerful sedative, and if you are looking for some recreation, it is also great for achieving euphoria.

The most outstanding thing about Red Borneo is the duration of the effects. If you want your benefit to last long, this kratom strain ranks among the best that can achieve that. 

However, you need to keep in mind that not all Kratom that comes with the Red Borneo label actually originates from Borneo. Mass farming and importation of Kratom from South-Eastern Asia can lead to a mix up of the various strains. So you need to choose your vendor carefully to avoid getting mislabeled products. 

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