Red Thai kratom Review 2020: Its popularity, benefits, side effects

The history of Red Thai kratom

Red Thai is a kratom strain that is known to most in the kratom community. After all, it is a top-selling kratom strain, competing with the likes of Red Bali kratom, and this is no mean feat. But how good is Red Thai, and how did it earn its name? This article will lay bare the facts about this strain.

The world has the local people of South-Eastern Asia to thank for the discovery and popularization of Kratom. For hundreds of years, they cherished the crop, cultivating it for use as a treatment for various health conditions.

The Kratom is unique for its plethora of subspecies and strains. The first thing you will notice is that it comes in three primary colors.

These are, 

  • Red Kratom
  • White Kratom
  • Green Kratom

Each one carries a variation in its chemical makeup, giving it a particular set of properties. The different colors come from their leaves and stems, which you will instantly spot by just looking at the leaves.

But the variations don’t just stop with color. You will also have to consider colors that come from different locations within the South East Asian region. The various locations where the Kratom grows influences the ultimate properties of the strains.

Although identifying the Kratom by its location holds true for Kratom in many cases, it’s not always true. It’s possible that the Red Thai kratom you bought as coming from Thailand may have nothing to do with Thailand!

Thailand made the growing and trade of Kratom illegal back in 1943. Therefore any Red Thai kratom identified as such is most likely coming from other neighboring areas within South East Asia. However, Kratom was originally one of the leading exports of Thailand in the 1940s, rivaling the opium trade. It’s believed that the interest to protect the profitable opium trade against the competition posed by Kratom that motivated the outlawing of the Kratom in Thailand.


What benefits do you get from Red Thai kratom? Some of these include 

  • Relieves pain 
  • Produces relaxation 
  • Sharpens your mental focus 
  • Brightens your mood 

How do they work

  • Pain relief – Red Thai kratom is packed with an abundant amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Among the red kratom family, Red Thai comes second to none when it comes to this compound. This makes it the most potent pain killer not only among the reds but across the entire kratom family of strains.
  • Calmness and relaxation – of you feel shaken and unsettled in mind and body, Red Thai can set you right. It has the ability to induce relaxation and bring calm to your nerves. With anxiety and stress becoming a growing feature of modern life, Red Thai can act as a great antidote to help you unwind from the pressure. 
  • Mood brightening – Along with anxiety and stress comes the high possibility of depression. This can be a significant dampener to productivity or even a healthy quality in social interactions and relationships. Red Thai has the power to revitalize your sagging moods and uplift your outlook on life situations. It helps to counteract negative feelings by inducing euphoric effects. 
  • Sleep enhancement – Getting quality sleep is not always given to more people these days. Unresolved stress and anxiety are taking a toll on many making it impossible to get any meaningful sleep. Insufficient sleep brings further problems affecting health and wellbeing. Red Thai can change all that as it can help sleep-deprived people fall asleep more easily. It enhances the quality of sleep since it produces deep feelings of calmness. You will feel exceptionally refreshed and energized each morning because both your mental and physical conditions will be recharged. 
  • Helping to kick addiction – Red Thai kratom has also proved handy in the face of the growing problem of addiction in the opiate drug area. Many users have resorted to these drugs to combat depression and pain only to become addicted. Many deaths of Americans have been reported in connection with the use of opiates, triggering a national crisis. Quitting the drugs has proven hard and impossible for many users, and the withdrawal effects are intolerable for many. This is where Red Thai can be put to good use to unlock the situation. Though it is not an opiate, Red Thai kratom activates the same brain receptors that opiates act on to produce the same desirable effects sought, such as pain relief. So it can effectively act as a replacement to opiates, and this can accelerate the process of withdrawal. Moreover, it can alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, such as cramps, sleeplessness, and stress.

Side effects 

Red Thai Kratom is typically free of side effects. However, exceeding recommended dosage limits can produce side effects. Some of these include nausea and a feeling of dizziness. The effects can be exacerbated when kratom intake is combined with other drugs such as opiates and alcohol.


Studies into Red Thai kratom have revealed that it contains in excess of 40 alkaloids. This is about the same amount as other kratom strains. However, Red Thai kratom holds a certain uniqueness in its content of the following 3 compounds. 

  • Mitragynine – this compound has been shown to aid vasodilation, which is the widening of the blood vessels. Thus helps to pump and avail more blood to the body, leading to better nutrient supply and removal of waste. This chemical compound also improves the body’s disease-fighting capacity by boosting the immune system. It’s also an excellent relaxant to your tense muscles 
  • Mitragynine – this powerful pain killer is regarded as a psychedelic and antagonist. It is also useful in combating malaria and diarrhea.

  • 7-hydroxy mitragynine – this is also another painkilling agent. Such is its power that it is often compared with morphine, which actually surpasses in potency. It is also an opium agonist and is valued for its ability to fight diarrhea. This is the compound that Red Thai kratom has the most concentration of, giving it much of its unique qualities. 


It is vital to discover and layout an individualized dosage regimen for yourself. This is because no two individuals will have the same ideal dosage level. Individual differences in sex, age, experience tolerance levels all play a part in creating a unique dosage requirement. Moreover, since Kratom is relatively new and has not been adequately studied, officially recommended, dosages do not exist. 

Should you embark on using Red This Kratom, the following dosage tips which are based on experience can be useful to consider? 

  • Novice                         2 gm to 3 gm 
  • Moderate                     4 gm to 5 gm 
  • Intermediate                6 gm to 7 gm 
  • Veteran                       Above 7 gm 

Keep in mind that the veteran dose can be overwhelming, and your body size, metabolism rate, and emotional state are crucial factors to consider.

If you have a smaller body size, you may find the high dose intolerable. 

Given these factors to consider, you will have to find your best dosage level by trial and error. Always start with a deliberately low dosage to test your body’s response. 

Another way to determine the right dosage of Red Thai kratom is to consider your goals. What effect do you want to gain?

  • Alleviating anxiety and improving your mood – 4 gm to 5 gm is decent for brightening up your spirits 
  • Relieving pain – 8 gm to 9 gm. Although this dose can be great at relieving your pain, it is a high dose. This calls for extreme caution. 

How legal is Red Thai kratom

Red Thai Kratom may be illegal in Thailand, but it is legal in the US by federal law. This does not mean the FDA, which is the regulating body, is too happy about it. Kratom activists supported by political leaders have hampered their attempts to ban it. For now, the FDA is watching Kratom closely for reports on adverse effects.

However, in some parts of the US, state authorities have placed a ban on Kratom. These include Florida County, Washington DC, Arkansas, and Alabama, among others.

Although many people disagree with the FDA’s stance, some of its concerns appear well based. For example, in one study, harmful levels of heavy metals were identified in more than 40 kratom products.


  • Powerful relief for anxiety and depression 
  • Highly rated kratom choice for energy and stimulation 
  • Provides one of the most prolonged effects among the red kratoms
  • Rates favorably among the reds for its cause of nausea 
  • Causes minimum lethargy as a side effect 


  • Extended use could lead to addiction, tolerance or dependency
  • Weak as a sedative when compared with other kratom strains 
  • Energizing effects can be too overwhelming 


Red Thai Kratom is quickly winning a respectable name as a potent kratom strain. Given its second spot as a high selling strain second only to Red Bali, it is set to become widely adopted. 

Keep in mind that despite its name tying it to Thailand, it may not always originate from Thailand. This means you should be cautious about where you buy your Kratom, so has to get the genuine version. 

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