Serenity Botanicals Review: What you should know

Serenity Botanicals

More and more people are opting for organic treatments over pharmaceuticals to cure their ailments or improve the quality of their lives. This is because organic products do not predispose you to risks such as addiction or side effects the way pharmaceuticals do. Additionally, natural treatments are a lot more cost-effective.

Kratom is an organic substance that is gaining traction in the health and wellness community for its immense benefits. It seems to do everything, from relieving physical and psychological discomfort to enhancing your productivity, Kratom promises to improve the quality of your life.

Nevertheless, as long as people continue to desire this product, there will always be individuals looking to make a killing out of this potential business opportunity. And because Kratom is yet to be federally approved, the chances are that most of them will sell subpar or counterfeit Kratom products in a bid to push those profit margins.

As such, without due diligence, you are more than likely going to get duped. This is why you must always research a Kratom store before you purchase from it.

Are you wondering if Serenity Botanicals is a good company to purchase from? Read this Serenity Botanicals Review to find out.

Who are Serenity Botanicals?

Serenity Botanicals is an Ohio-based family-owned herbal store that not only sells Kratom but other organic treatment products as well. These include CBD, Essential Oils, Organic Lotions, Herbal Tea, and other herbal products.

Serenity Botanicals is owned and operated by Kimberly and Jeff Ford. The idea of starting the store was conceived after Jeff had had knee surgery and was under pain-management medication, specifically hydrocodone. Just as it is with most pharmaceutical-grade pain medications, Jeff eventually got addicted to the drug and was unable to do without it even after his prescription had run out.

It is during this trying period when his brother-in-law introduced them to Kratom. They found this substance not only to be effective at managing his pain but also proved to be incredibly effective at helping Jeff with his withdrawal symptoms.

Kimberly also got in on the action and started using Kratom to help her with her joint pain as well as depression. The substance proved to be effective at this as well, and that is when they decided to help make the product more readily available to other Kratom users.

The question that remains, however, is Serenity Botanicals a reliable Kratom supplier, we shall try and determine that by seeing how they fare in the following factors:

  • Website Interface

One of the easiest ways of telling whether a Kratom vendor is the real deal is through checking out their website. A website is the online representation of a business and should, therefore, give you all the privileges you would get from buying from a physical store. This means that it should provide the customer with all the information they need to make a purchase, as well as being user-friendly. Therefore, a vendor that does not go out of their way to make an easy-to-use and informative website should not be among your top considerations.

Serenity Botanicals features a good design that allows you to access its wide selection of products easily. Serenity Botanicals has gone the extra mile and categorized their Kratom products per the effects that they are known for. Thus, if, for example, you are looking for Kratom strains that boost energy, you will just click on the energy section. There you will be directed to the best products for that job. This is very thoughtful of the company as it shows that it understands the plight of new Kratom users who might be like a deer in the headlights upon being hit with all the varieties of Kratom.

As mentioned, a good Kratom vendor should also go out of their way to educate their website visitors about their products. Serenity Botanicals seems to understand this and has a blog section dedicated to giving information about Kratom as well as other wellness products. They also discuss issues surrounding Kratom, such as its legality as well as other regulations on Kratom.

The only drawback to the website is that Serenity Botanicals has been quite lazy when it comes to product descriptions. They are disclaimers at best, instead of letting the customer in on everything they need to know about that particular product.

  • Product Selection

A good Kratom vendor understands that Kratom users have preferences and, therefore, go out of their way to have as many Kratom strains as they can under their roof. Serenity Botanicals has an impressive product lineup of over 30 different strains of Kratom.

Another thing we like about the store is that it also has samples of the products they deal in, which they sell for as little as $2.99. This is quite thoughtful since the customer does not have to buy an entire product, only to realize that it is not what they were looking for.

As mentioned, Serenity Botanicals also sells other organic treatments and products, which ensures that you get all your natural treatments from one source.

  • Product Quality

An impressive product catalog will not count for much if your quality is wanting. While every Kratom vendor out there will tell anyone that cares to listen that they have the best products under the sun, only a few walk that talk. Serenity Botanicals are among those few.

The store does not only claim to have its products tested by an independent facility but actually provides lab reports of those tests. This is quite rare among Kratom vendors since it means extra costs for the company. However, if you are looking to build a good reputation, you must be willing to pay that cost, and Serenity Botanicals understands that.

It is no surprise, therefore, that over 90 percent of customer reviews on Serenity Botanicals are full of praise for the company.

  • Pricing

When it comes to pricing in the Kratom industry, it’s usually a catch 22. On the one hand, you want to buy your products as cost-effectively as possible. On the other hand, you want quality products.

However, just as with anything else, the higher the quality, the more you should be prepared to pay. Vendors who do not care about quality will attempt to be cheap to attract you, which is why you should be wary of cheap Kratom.

Nonetheless, high prices do not always mean that the product is of a high quality, which is why you should always consider other factors other than price when determining whether a vendor is legit or not.

The best way to go about it, therefore, is to compare multiple vendors so you can determine the market average. Once you know where the average is, you can now compare the most reputable vendors against each other to see which one has the most cost-friendly prices.

Serenity Botanicals has one of the cheapest offerings on the market. For example, an ounce of Kratom can go for as little as $6.99 while the market average is $8.99, with some going as high as $10.00.

How the company can be so cost-friendly while still providing quality products is a mystery.

  • Shipping and Returns Policies

Any order placed and paid for before 12 PM EST is usually processed and shipped on the following day. Those placed and paid for before 12 PM EST on Friday will be shipped out on Monday. The company also doesn’t ship out on Federal holidays.

There are several states that the company doesn’t ship out due to legality issues. These include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Wisconsin, Oceanside CA, Jerseyville IL, Sand Diego County CA, and Sarasota County FL Cities.

Some people have complained about the company’s lack of same-day and free shipping. But we think that we should give them a break considering that the small company is offering the highest quality Kratom at the most cost-friendly prices. They have to break even somehow.

If there’s an issue with the products that you receive from the company, all you have to do is contact them via email, and they will advise you on how you can return the items and get an exchange or a refund. The only stipulation is that your return should contain at least 95 percent of the original product in order to get a refund.

Final Thoughts

From helping you deal with health issues to boosting your productivity, Kratom promises to improve the overall quality of your life. This is why more and more people are looking to include Kratom into their supplement stacks.

Nonetheless, as it is still a relatively new product to the Western Market, it is yet to be federally approved and, therefore, is susceptible to counterfeiting.

As such, if you want quality Kratom, you must ensure that your vendor has a reputation for providing the good stuff. Serenity Botanicals seems to be running a legit operation, with numerous customer reviews proving that. We, therefore, do not mind recommending this Kratom store to you.

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