Smoking Kratom in 2020: what you should know about it

Smoking Kratom: the complete guide

The internet is filled with quite a lot of information on Kratom, so it’s fair to assume that everyone knows what the strain is and its benefits. The biggest issue is that the majority of this information is not coming from experts or scientists. In fact, the whole foundation upon which the Kratom fuss is built on is based on anecdotal evidence rather than a clinical one. So yeah, a high number of people have been using Kratom for centuries in both the medicinal and recreational sector, but most of the short and long term effects remain mostly unknown.

Without sufficient clinical data on what Kratom is and what it can achieve, it’s also difficult to understand the best mode of administration. In ancient times, Kratom farmers used to take this herb by chewing the leaves or brewing tea with the leaves. A few years later, they started grinding the leaves to make a fine powder, which they took in different ways. Today, most of the Kratom users either take Kratom through Toss n Wash or capsule form. These are, by far, the most popular and arguably the best modes of taking Kratom. And they are touted to be the best not just because they deliver the Kratom alkaloids into the bloodstream to yield results within a reasonable time but also because they are much safer and easy to utilize.

We’ve also seen some claims that smoking Kratom is another possible method of delivering the alkaloids into the bloodstream. We’ve also received so many inquiries on the pros and cons of smoking Kratom because as you know, all the modes of administration have their up and downsides.

Can I Smoke Kratom?

Smoking Kratom is not as popular as most of the other modes of taking Kratom. Actually, not many people in the West have reported smoking Kratom. It’s only in the Southeast Asia regions – where the Kratom leaves grow – where there is some documentation on smoking Kratom.

So, yes, it is possible to smoke Kratom. In fact, the leaves are known to burn up pretty fast once they are dried. But here is the thing, you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether or not you can smoke Kratom but rather, whether you should do it.

While Kratom is known to be a very safe and beneficial herb, if you decide to take it through inhalation, you’ll open yourself up for quite a number of side effects. When you decide to smoke Kratom, you’re forced to burn the herb and inhale the vapor. This vapor goes down into your lungs, where it is absorbed into your bloodstream alongside oxygen. This entire process puts you at the risk of contracting different respiratory conditions, some of which can be fatal.  

What happens if I decide to smoke the Kratom powder? Does it reduce the risks involved? Yes, you can smoke Kratom powder. Unfortunately, the end results are more or less similar to smoking the dried herbs. If anything, the benefits could reduce, but the downsides remain in place and could even increase.

How Can I Smoke Kratom?

There are two main ways of smoking Kratom. These include:

  1. Vaping Kratom – This is a well-known method of smoking Kratom, which we talked about in detail in one of our previous posts. It involves the use of vapors to smoke different Kratom strains. While it offers numerous advantages, such as the option of using flavonoids, it still poses the same risk of smoking Kratom.
  2. Smoking in a Cigarette Roll – You can take dried Kratom leaves, roll them into a cigarette and smoke them. This is actually pretty easy to do and inexpensive, too, since it doesn’t involve purchasing expensive vaping materials. However, some evidence suggests that smoking Kratom leaves in a cigarette could actually be more dangerous than vaping them.

Pros of Smoking Kratom

The truth is that even though smoking Kratom is dangerous, it’s still better in certain aspects than the other options. This is why some people would overlook the downsides and smoke the Kratom anyway.

  • Smoking Kratom Produces Fast Results

This is one of the biggest upsides of smoking Kratom. Oral administration of Kratom means that the powder has to go through the digestive system before it is absorbed into the system. This usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes of you are using the Toss N Wash method or more time in case you’ve taken Kratom capsules. When you smoke the herb, the alkaloids are absorbed into the system a lot faster, which means the onset of the effects is felt much sooner.

With that in mind, it becomes easier to understand why so many people would utilize this method when using Kratom for analgesia. The fast absorption means fast results, which should give you the comfort you desperately need without wasting any time. Whether or not this justifies the disadvantages of smoking, the herb is ultimately up to you, but most people would argue that it doesn’t.

  • Smoking Kratom Helps Recovering Addicts

Kratom offers an incredible way of dealing with opiate withdrawal. The alkaloids contained in this herb have opiate-like properties that allow them to interact with the opioid receptors in the brain in almost the same way as other opiates do.

Opiate withdrawal is usually a way of your body craving for opiates, and this leads in a compulsive drive to acquire the drugs and get rid of the symptoms. Since Kratom functions on the same site, it can satisfy your brain’s cravings for opiates, thus reducing the need for taking the hard drugs.

The benefit of smoking Kratom for this purpose is that it is not addictive, plus it is less harmful than consuming Heroin, oxycodone, and other drugs. The experience of smoking Kratom can also help the addicts stay away from smoking the other, more dangerous drugs.

Cons of Smoking Kratom

Now for the ugly side, here are some of the biggest downsides linked to Kratom smoking:

  • It is Harmful

Smoking Kratom increases the risk of respiratory problems from the trachea to the lungs. Some reports even suggest that smoking the herb can result in tar deposits on the lungs, which could lead to lung cancer in the long term. If this is possible, then we are not just worried about lung cancer but mouth and tracheal issues as well.

However, no clinical trials have provided a direct link between smoking Kratom and cancer. We also couldn’t come across any reports of people who got cancer from smoking Kratom. Perhaps that’s because not a lot of people smoke, Kratom?

  • It is costly

Kratom smoking is not only dangerous to your health, but it also doesn’t make financial sense. When you decide to go down this road, prepare yourself to smoke more Kratom to get standard results. That’s because in smoking the herb, so much of it ends up getting wasted in the air. This means that you have to use more of your reserves to attain rather normal doses. You will also find the vaping materials used in smoking Kratom quite expensive.

So, do you have the financial muscles to pull it off? And is it sustainable? Probably not.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have to spend on Kratom because if there’s another alternative that can give you the same results without running you dry on cash, then it only makes sense that you go for that alternative.

  • It can make the herb useless

Kratom smoking, if done correctly, can deliver several benefits. However, there’s a possibility that burning the herb can render it useless. The properties of Kratom stem from its alkaloid content. Unfortunately, the alkaloids can get destroyed if they burn to high temperatures. Therefore, you must always be keen on how hot your Kratom is burning lest you end up destroying them. This is especially important when you are using vapors.

Bottom Line

Here is the simple takeaway for you; smoking Kratom is absolutely possible. There is no doubt about that. However, it doesn’t make sense regardless of how you look at it. Sure it can deliver the results a lot faster, but for how long can you sustain smoking it before you start feeling the pinch in your wallet? Besides, of what use will the results be if you end up with some respiratory issues such as asthma? I believe that you are better off going for any of the other two main modes of administration. They are both effective and cost-efficient as compared to Kratom smoking.

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