Soul Speciosa Review 2020: Is this a reliable kratom seller

The history of Soul Speciosa

The last few years have seen kratom, a natural herb, gain significant popularity. The drastic increase in fame can be attributed to the plant’s incredible health benefits. Kratom is native to South East Asia, but its utility has spread all over the globe, especially in the United States. 

Kratom is readily available as it is sold by numerous vendors all over the world. As a result, kratom users can enjoy the wide array of benefits provided by kratom by buying from reputable vendors.

Speaking of reputable vendors, how would you know whether one is trustworthy or not? For starters, kratom suppliers must be licensed, and all their products must be lab-tested for purity. However, a kratom supplier must check numerous other boxes for them to be referred to as dependable. 

With that said, we’ll be looking at one of the numerous kratom sellers in the United States, Soul Speciosa. Have you ever come across the name? Regular kratom users probably have. However, can you trust the brand? Again, is the vendor keeping it too legit to quit, or are they assured to die like the tens of vendors before them? 

The following review endeavors to explain everything there is to know about Soul Speciosa. How do they keep their kratom safe, secure, and enhanced? Buckle up, and let’s explore the vendor’s product range, pricing, consumer reputation, policies, and many more aspects of the trade. 

Soul Speciosa Company Overview

This vendor hails from the heart of Los Angeles, California. Word on the street is that the seller endeavors to provide fresh, high-quality kratom at all times. 

However, it is hard to believe hearsay when Soul Speciosa was among the kratom sellers whose products were recalled from the market during the 2018 salmonella scare. As a result, the kratom supplier was prompted to change its URL. When you visit the Soul Speciosa website, you will realize that it reroutes you to Left Coast Kratom’s URL. 

Salmonella contamination is a critical challenge affecting kratom sellers universally. It has even brought down numerous suppliers who failed to institute the right measures to deal with the contamination. 

Fortunately, Soul Speciosa is among the handful of vendors who’ve stepped up their game and taken further measures to ensure that their kratom products are unadulterated. You will love to know that each batch from Soul Speciosa is lab-tested for purity. 

Additionally, this kratom seller is also a supporter of the American Kratom Association (AKA), a non-profit body committed to maintaining the legal future of kratom in the United States.

Soul Speciosa Website

As mentioned earlier, when you visit this vendor’s official website, you’ll be redirected to Left Coast Kratom’s URL.

Upon first glance on the website, you’ll notice that the seller has strived to ensure that you access all the necessary product information without wasting much time. The website achieves this through a clean layout that features a browse our store segment on the left and extra links at the bottom. 

Soul Speciosa Product Range

This kratom supplier has quite an impressive catalog. You will find that Soul Speciosa has most of the popular Kratom strains, which makes it easy to buy several strains under one roof. What’s more, the supplier offers different types of kratom products, ranging from 100% pure kratom extracts, to kratom products and beginner strains. 

Soul Speciosa also sells kratom powder to their clientele. 

The following are the powders sold at this vendor.

  • Yellow Thai
  • OG Bali
  • Green Vein Thai
  • Red Dragon
  • Red Maeng Da Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Thai
  • Red Sumatra
  • Horn Maeng Da
  • Super Enhanced Indo
  • Red Kali
  • White Sumatra
  • White Borneo
  • Super Green Malay
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Borneo

Soul Speciosa also stocks kratom in capsule form. They include:

  • Bali Kratom
  • Gold Reserve Tea
  • Red Maeng Da Thai
  • Left Coast Gold Tea Capsules & Tablets
  • Red Kali Kratom
  • White Borneo
  • 10% extract capsules
  • Left Coast Platinum Tea Tablets
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Tea Capsules

The vendor also stocks other kratom products, including:

  • FSE Kratom Extract
  • Private Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract
  • Left Coast Gold Kratom Extract
  • Platinum Kratom Extract
  • New Full Spectrum Kratom Extract
  • Gold Elephas Kratom Extract
  • 50x Kratom Extract

I thought you should know some more about the vendor’s best strain. With that said, Maeng Da, aka Pimp Daddy kratom, is the best kratom offered by Soul Speciosa. According to most customers, the particular strain is stronger than the majority of the kratom varieties on the market today. 

This kratom supplier takes that strength a notch further with their super-enhanced Thai kratom powder. Not only is this yellow vein favorite highly potent, but it is also relatively affordable. The strain packs quite a punch and accomplishes the task without requiring the user to burn fewer grams in one sitting compared to a typical Thai strain. 

Soul Speciosa Product Quality

From the vendor’s quality assurance page, we learn that all their batches are subjected to multiple quality tests. The batches are examined for heavy metal content and microbial contaminants. You will be glad to know that only the products that pass the tests are approved for sale. 

Apart from testing its products for purity, Soul Speciosa also adheres to various practices instituted by the AKA and cGMP. The practices include:

  • Environmental regulations, where they test their facility for pathogens
  • Thorough milling and blending processes
  • Comprehensive screening processes for products and suppliers
  • Revamped sanitation control procedures
  • Utilization of more than two laboratories to test their products. 

As if the measures named above are not enough, the vendor is prepared to email you a certificate of analysis upon request. 

Overall, Soul Speciosa has exemplary quality control practices, which is one of the reasons why the vendor is among the best kratom vendors in the United States. 

Soul Speciosa Kratom Pricing

More good news. When compared to rival kratom vendors, Soul Speciosa can be said to offer more affordable rates. For starters, most of the powdered kratoms from this seller start at $8.40. What’s more, their kratom capsules are also reasonably priced, with an ounce of White Borneo kratom capsules retailing for $13.94 only. 

But how cheap is this? Well, it’s pretty cheap when you consider that the same strain is starting at $14.50 an ounce at Kraken Kratom. 

Unfortunately, this vendor does not sell kratom in bulk. You cannot buy half a kilogram or a kilogram from this vendor, which is a significant disadvantage. 

Besides the affordable prices, Soul Speciosa also allows you to save more cash with discounts. For instance, when you follow this vendor on social media, you immediately qualify for a 10% discount. What’s more, the vendor offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with more than 10% rebates each time they buy. 

This company graces their return customers with a 5-tier loyalty program by which users can unlock various benefits such as a 5% discount after spending $500 or more. You’ll be pleased to know that loyalty members qualify for up to 70% off in weekly promo codes. 

That’s not all. As soon as you visit the company’s homepage, you will be met by a prompt requesting you to enter your email address. The address will allow you access to various deals and special offers as you purchase your favorite kratom. 

Soul Speciosa Shipping and Return Policy

Shopping from Soul Speciosa is pretty cool, especially when it comes to shipping. All your purchases receive automatic free, same-day USPS shipping. No caps, no thresholds. If you spend more than $49.00, you automatically qualify for free USPS Priority Mail. It gets even better. If you spend more than $99, you are treated to Free UPS Next Day Shipping. Cool, isn’t it?

You should also take note that all orders placed before 2 PM EST and noon on Saturdays are processed and dispatched on the same day. 

When it comes to the return policy, Soul Speciosa provides a 30-day warranty for its products. Therefore, if you receive your package and, for some reason, want to return it or have it swapped for something else, you must contact the vendor within 30 days of receipt. 

However, you must be aware of the following:

  • The only items that qualify for a refund or exchange are those that haven’t been opened or tampered with; the seal must be intact.
  • The shipping costs incurred when returning the orders will be billed to the buyer. 
  • The vendor will cater for the shipping costs when sending you the exchanged items. 

Soul Speciosa Customer Experience

We managed to come across some testimonials from individuals who’ve bought kratom products from Soul Speciosa. Well, most of these customers report that they are satisfied with the products’ quality and consistency. What’s more, their products are highly potent and very effective. 

The buyers are also happy with the products’ pricing, which goes a long way to making Soul Speciosa a fan-favorite among the kratom community. 

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, this vendor knows what they’re doing. Their website is clean, they have a pretty impressive product catalog, their quality-control practices are compelling, they have pocket-friendly prices, and the free shipping is a cherry on top of wonderful customer experience. 

With all these factors considered, it is hard to ignore that Soul Speciosa might be the kratom vendor you’ve been looking for all this while. 

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