Coastline Kratom Review 2020: Should you buy here?

An overview of Coastline Kratom

Kratom is a revolutionary product that is changing the lives of numerous people around the world. As we continue to battle the challenges that come with modern living, such as chronic diseases and mental health problems, consumers are always on the lookout for products that can help them through these issues without causing any side effects.

The moment the Western World discovered that Southeast Asia natives have been using a legendary product to enhance the overall quality of their lives, we wanted in on the action as well. As a result, Kratom has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years.

Unfortunately, the more people desire a product, the more it is susceptible to counterfeiting since there will be a lot of businessmen looking to make a quick buck out of the market gap.

Thus, while the Kratom that initially hit our markets was mostly high-quality, you are more than likely to run into fake or low-quality Kratom products today. This is why you are advised to first research a Kratom vendor before purchasing from them.

In this article, we shall review Coastline Kratom to try and determine whether they are a legitimate Kratom vendor. Read on if you are considering purchasing from this Kratom store.

Who is Coastline Kratom?

Coastline Kratom is a family-owned Kratom store that was established in 2015 in Southport, North Carolina. It came to fruition when Joshua Fulton – the co-owner- was having a hard time getting quality Kratom regularly. Joshua enjoyed the benefits that came with Kratom use, but the hassle that came with getting his hands on the stuff almost made him quit using the substance.

It is during one of those moments that he figured that every other Kratom enthusiast must be going through the same difficulties as him. He decided to take it upon himself to make high-quality Kratom readily available to consumers.

He also wanted to educate people who were interested in Kratom on everything they needed to know before they embarked on Kratom use, to ensure that they had the best experience possible when using the product.

This is because Kratom comes in different strains, which yield different effects. The ideal strain for you, therefore, is going to be determined by your specific needs. Most new Kratom customers do not know this among a lot of other vital information, which Coastline Kratom aims to educate them about on their website.

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Should You Buy From Coastline Kratom?

In order to determine whether Coastline Kratom is a legitimate vendor, let us look at the features which define this Kratom store. They include:

  • Product Selection

A good Kratom store should have a wide selection of Kratom products to ensure that it serves every niche in the Kratom industry. Coastline Kratom has done a good job of stocking its shelves with a wide variety of Kratom strains. Some of the more popular ones that this store has to offer include:

  • Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom is famous among Kratom users for its painkilling and anxiety-relieving benefits. Coastline Kratom offers both the red and white vein strains of Bali Kratom. The white vein is renowned for its energizing benefits, while the red strain is famed for its sedative and painkilling effects.

  • Borneo Kratom

This is a strain of Kratom originating from Borneo Island in Indonesia. The Borneo strains are famous for their sedative properties. Coastline Kratom’s stock contains the red vein Borneo as well as the Green Vein Borneo strain. In addition to helping in sedation, these strains are also effective at mitigating anxiety and stress.

  • Horned Kratom

The horned strain of Kratom was bred to help people dealing with mood swings and similar behavioral issues. This is because horned Kratom is effective at inducing relaxation and uplifting the user’s mood. Coastline Kratom offers the Red Horned Kratom as well as the White Horned Kratom strains.

  • Maeng Da

In Southeast Asia, Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade.’ This Kratom strain was given this name to symbolize its potency. As such, the Maeng Da strains, especially red vein Maeng Da, are potent painkillers. In fact, this Kratom is so potent that it’s analgesic effects mirror those of morphine, but without the side effects. This is why it is becoming exceedingly popular.

Coastline Kratom stocks the Red Vein Maeng Da and the White Vein Maeng Da.

  • Malay Kratom

As the name suggests, Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia and is also renowned for its potency. This is because Malay Kratom has one of the highest alkaloid concentrations of any Kratom strain. Alkaloids are what are responsible for the effects that Kratom is famous for.

Coastline Kratom offers the Green Vein strain of the Malay Kratom.

What we like about Coastline Kratom’s product lineup is its diversity. However, they could improve in that area and offer all the variations of the strains that they provide. This is because Kratom users are becoming more specific about what they need, and failure to have all strains of Kratom in their stock could see the company losing out to other prominent Kratom vendors.

  • Product Packaging

A Kratom supplier needs to package their Kratom products in a manner that is convenient for the customer, especially the beginners who do not know where to start. Coastline Kratom understands this, and they use the following packaging methods:

  • The Beginner’s Pack

As the name suggests, this is a pack that is designed to ease beginners into Kratom use. As such, it contains various strains of Kratom with instructions on how to use it. This allows the individual to sample the multiple strains so they can decide the strain that they would like to stick with. This is because almost every Kratom user has a favorite strain.

This package contains the Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, and the White Vein Bali Kratom.

  • White Kratom Pack

This package is designed to cater to white Kratom enthusiasts. As such, it contains various white Kratom strains, such as the White Vein Maeng da, White Vein Bali, and the White Horned Kratom.

  • Green Kratom Pack

If you have developed a preference for the green strains of Kratom, then this package is for you. It contains the Green Vein Borneo and the Green Vein Malay Kratom.

  • Red Kratom Pack

This pack is meant for people with an affinity for potency. Therefore, it is an excellent pack for people looking to manage chronic pain conditions or to relieve anxiety. Coastline Kratom stocks this package with the Red Vein Bali, Red Vein Borneo, Red Vein Maeng Da, and the Red Horned Kratom.

  • Ultra-Enhanced Kratom Pack

As you can imagine, this is a package designed for individuals looking for the Kratom with the highest possible potency. As such, it is not meant for beginners. Also, it is intended for wholesale rather than retail.

The effort that Coastline Kratom has put into packaging their products is admirable as it shows that the company does indeed care for its customers’ comfort and convenience.

  • Product Quality

Most Kratom vendors will tell anyone that cares to listen that they have the best products on the market. Therefore, it is usually best to take their claims with a grain of salt. The only way to tell whether a Kratom store has good stuff is by checking out the experiences of their previous customers on online reviews.

In our search, we found that almost every Coastline Kratom customer has nothing but good things to say about this vendor.

  • Shipping Policies

A good Kratom vendor usually goes out of their way to ensure that their customers get their orders as soon as possible. Coastline Kratom has been doing an outstanding job at this as they try to ship out your products as soon as you make the order. This is almost unheard of in the Kratom industry.

  • Customer Service

Customer support is essential in all fields but is arguably even more critical when transacting online. This is because customers are essentially at the mercies of the online store once they have sent the vendor their money. As such, they need all the reassurance they can get, and that’s where customer support comes in.

Coastline Kratom has one of the most impressive customer support teams in the online market. You can not only email them and get almost instant responses, but you can also call them, which is almost unheard of in online transactions.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

If you have a problem with the products that you receive, Coastline Kratom will refund you as long as you lodge your complaint within the stipulated time, which is usually 30 days.

This is a testament to the amount of faith that the company has in its products.

Final Thoughts

Finding Kratom is relatively easy these days. Finding quality Kratom, however, is a whole different ball game. This is because the market is proliferated with unscrupulous businessmen posing as Kratom vendors, but selling stuff that you wouldn’t want your enemy to use. This is why you should always do a background search on any vendor before purchasing from them. Fortunately, we have checked out Coastline Kratom for you, and we believe that they are a good store to buy your Kratom from.

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