Herbal RVA Review 2019: All the Best Herbal products under One Roof?

An overview of Herbal RVA

Looking for an herbal product, you can trust to treat a condition you may be having? Would it not be nice to have these natural based products instead of the annoying chemicals that can wreak havoc on your body, leaving you with horrible side effects? 

Yes, it’s true, but the market for natural herbal products can be one of the most treacherous. Anyone can set up shop and sell you his herbal stuff in this market while claiming all kinds of exotic benefits. There is usually no research data to back up the efficacy of these products. Without enough information, buyers are just like sitting ducks making hapless targets for conniving vendors. Moreover, the FDA has issued multiple alerts about the hazards of some of these products. You would think that should be enough to send these folks packing and gone from the scene. But not too fast, they seem to be saying. Instead, their numbers continue to swell by the day.

To be fair, not every herbal product offered in this market is useless or hazardous. Some of them are fantastic and can be considered to be the best thing that happened since going to the moon. 

Which brings us to Herbal RVA, a producer and supplier of herbal products. Who are they, and should you take them seriously with your time and money? Well, you are just a few hops away from finding out!

Product quality

Herbal RVA products certainly excel in quality, and you are not likely to be disappointed by them. The verdict is overwhelming from customer ratings who consider the products to have high purity based on their user experience.

The purity of kratom is something that weighs much in customers’ minds, given concerns about efficacy and health. So, it’s a big plus that Herbal RVA scores big on purity judging from customer’s feedback. 

Product variety

Herbal RVA stocks more than just kratom products, so it is not a dedicated kratom supplier. The selection of products its offers are wide-ranging. They feature more than 20 different kratom strains including some of the most popular and potent such as 

  • Red Vein Thai 
  • Bali Indah 
  • Red Maeng Da, 
  • White Bali
  • Green Vietnam 
  • Sunrise Bali 
  • Green Malaysian 
  • Green vein Borneo
  • Baik Bali – this comes from crushed virgin leaves and yields a sweet fragrance 
  • White vein Borneo 
  • White vein Indo 
  • Plantation Maeng Da – a hybrid of the green vein (30%) and white vein (70%)

The company has other more special kratom offerings such as 

  • Royal Bentuangie
  • Red Zarena
  • Ketapang
  • Green Zarena 
  • Green JongKong 
  • Green Aceh 

The products that the company sells range from quantities as low as 100 grams to 1 kg. 

Excellent Tea offerings 

Besides kratom, Herbal RVA features other great herbal products such as teas. 

  • Rooibos herbal tea – a special tea that helps you to deal effectively with health conditions such as sleep problems, headaches, allergies, and asthma. It’s also useful to combat high blood pressure, premature aging and can strengthen your bones. It is extracted from the Aspalathus learis herb, which is found in South Africa.

  • Honeybush tea – coming at a very affordable price, this tea can be an excellent way to start your morning with its sweet flavor. It has been touted as a weapon to beat and keep cancer at bay as well as boost your metabolism. 
  • Root beer iced tea – This is one drink that you will find quite delicious as it comes laden with sarsaparilla, vanilla, wintergreen oil, and monk fruit. It is has a natural root beer flavor for which it is named. This black tea is also decaffeinated, sparing you the effects of caffeine. Given its taste, you have the option of taking it sugarless. 
  • Matcha green tea – this tea, which is derived from a plant called Camellia Sinesis, has been a highly traditional medicine used by the Japanese for centuries. Drawing from this, it has been used in modern times and has been found to have stunning properties as a superfood. When you buy your matcha green tea, you won’t be on your own because the company will provide you detailed guide so you can get the best out of it. 
  • Organic green tea – this has the benefit of sparing you the drawbacks of caffeine. It’s also a drunk cherished for its flavor. 
  • Organic ossam tea – this is a great choice to take the place of your favorite caffeine drinks. It puts you in the right mood in your mornings and brings with it many other health benefits. For example, if you are having cardiovascular problems, this drink is perfect for dealing with them. One way through which it does this is by curbing cholesterol levels, which has an impact on your cardiovascular health. 
  • Turmeric – besides providing the flavor of curry, turmeric has rich medicinal and nutritional benefits. 


The company also sells the following ingredients. 

  • Tongkat Ali – a respected sexual enhancer, it can revitalize your sexual health and life. It is also ideal for combating anxiety and diabetes 
  • Sarsaparilla Root – an excellent aid for conditions such as digestion problems and kidney issues
  • Black pepper – For just $8.50 for 100 gm, you can get this spice which has great medicinal benefits
  • Moringa – a natural based remedy that provides antifungal and antiviral benefits. It’s also great anti-inflammatory medicine.
  • Molded candles 
  • Ginger – 
  • Winter Berry Blend 

Out of all these, the best selling includes ginger, moringa, sarsaparilla root, Tongkat Ali, and turmeric. 

Website quality 

One of the things that will hit you about Herbal RVA is their poor website quality and online presence. Herbal RVA is a real flop here, and it is clear they are in dire need of a major revamp. This is a shame as the company offers stellar products in terms of quality which customers are raving about. Why ruin it with a botched site?

First impressions matter and a company’s website forms a big part of it. For this reason, you won’t get to know the real company by browsing through this vendor’s site as such standard features such as it’s About Us page, FAQs presentation, etc. are non-existent, leaving the information-hungry visitors to the site high and dry. Also, in some geographical areas, the site is inaccessible. Try to enter the site, and you will get to a page that says the ominous words, you are not authorized to access this page!

What could be more off-putting for international buyers who may want to buy? 


Here is another place where Herbal RVA may get you disappointed. They don’t offer any free shipping, which is a glaring departure from the practice of many other kratom suppliers. The shipment can be of the following. 

  • USPS first class 
  • Priority mail 
  • Priority express 
  • FedEx Hold-For-Pickup 

Your order typically takes 2 to  3 days to deliver. 


Prices are pretty reasonable, but you can scoop pretty decent price cuts based on the quantity that you buy. Here are some mouthwatering savings you  get from making bulk kratom purchases (each kratom unit is 250 gm) 

Unit Price per unit                  savings 

  • $69.99                                     nil
  • $59.99                                     15%
  • $54.99                         22%
  • $49.99                                     29%

You can also buy smaller quantities of kratom at fair prices, for example, 100 MG can be got at $9. 

Some of the products they sell however are costly such as 

  • Green BigBang
  • Green Jongkong
  • Green Aceh 
  • Premium Maeng Da. This variant going at $65 for each kg tops among the most expensive in the store

Here is how other prices look like for some specific kratom strains 

  • Baik Bali, 25 kg comes at $11.99 per unit 
  • Green vein Borneo. 25 kg comes at $11.99 per unit 
  • Green Maeng Da – 25 g, comes at $13.29 per unit
  • White Maeng Da – 25 g, comes at $13.29 per unit
  • Plantation Maeng Da – 25 g, goes for $14.55 per unit 

Payment options 

Herbal RVA will provide you with its own payment methods for which the following are acceptable.

  • Western Union 
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Venmo 
  • PopMoney


  • Great customer service 
  • Wide variety of kratom strains and products offered 


  • Consistency in results, experienced by customer is lacking 


Given all these superlatives boasted by the company, is it worth buying from this company? 

There is no doubt that Herbal RVA is home to an exotic mix of herbs with a fascinating array of options to choose from to meet your different needs. You are surely spoilt for choice. Customers are also happy judging from their fulsome praise ringing in their feedback. 

Besides kratom strains, there are also some fascinating tea options offered by the company with various benefits to your health. 

Despite all these, Herbal RVA comes short in some areas. Their website is poorly done, and in some places, it is simply inaccessible to some customers. If you can still access their site from your area and don’t mind their sloppy website, this is undoubtedly a good vendor to buy from.

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