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How to Use Kratom 2020 Definitive Guide

Kratom usage introduction

After hearing some of the fabulous things that one can get from kratom, I can understand if you are feeling impatient and can’t wait to jump in and start using it! But have you paused to think about how you are going to use it? This is an essential issue as getting this part right can make all the difference between getting a great experience and an awful one. 

The news about kratom is filled with ominous events of people getting bad experiences and even fatalities from using kratom. Many of these come from not knowing how to use the kratom right.

In this article, I will let you in on some of the best ways of how to use kratom. But let’s first find out what kratom is and how ideas of using it have evolved from the beginning. 

What is kratom? 

Kratom is an herb that grows in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia. It comes from an evergreen tree known scientifically as Mitragyna speciosa. The tree comes from the same family as the coffee species bears leaves from which the kratom is extracted and consumed. For hundreds of years, the locals used kratom for many conditions such as mood enhancement, energy boost, pain relief, or even as a sexual stimulant. However, how did they use the kratom? 

They did any of the following.

  • Chewing the leaves 
  • Swallowing the dry kratom
  • Brewing it and  drinking it 

However, with the introduction of kratom to western markets, a variety of many ways of using kratom have been developed. 

Your Kratom quality 

A great kratom experience obviously has to start with getting your hands on high-quality kratom. Even if you are keen and smart on how the best way of using kratom is, it won’t do any good if your kratom quality is dubious. Ensure that you buy quality kratom from a reputable vendor to avoid getting a disappointing result from using it. 

Kratom options 

When it comes to kratom options, you have two choices. 

  • Kratom powder 
  • Kratom capsule 

Each has its own best way of usage, so let us take a look at each.

Taking kratom as powder

Kratom powder may be the best way of taking kratom because it can be absorbed faster into your body, thus leading to quicker results with minimal delay. But the taste? Awful, to say the least, and newbies, in particular, are sure to cringe on their first encounter. There are a few handy ways, however, with which you can steer past this taste nightmare.

Taking it with juice – you can take kratom using various juice options to help you With the taste problem. Some of the most effective include 

  • Orange 
  • Pineapple 
  • Cranberry 

Typically, you will add a quantity of kratom powder to 150 ml or 200 ml of your juice option. For several minutes, stir the mixture until it is well dissolved. The sweeter taste of the juice excellently counteracts the bitterness.

  • Toss and wash – if you don’t mind the taste, and I  know of few souls who do this would be the way to go. You simply toss your measured quantity of kratom powder to the back of your throat and wash it down with your preferred drink or just water. This is the simplest and fastest method, and many people actually prefer it. The dry powder in your mouth, as well as forcing the clump of powder down your throat, however, maybe too much for some people. Newbies may want to think again before going down this path as the surprise they will get may not be worth it. This method usually leaves a horrible aftertaste, which some people may find intolerable. All is not lost, however, because you can find refuge via alternative methods. 
  • Taking as Tea – you can take your kratom via various tea recipe options. 
  • Take with yogurt – This is another favorite method of handling the unpleasant taste of kratom. You can choose from various fruit-flavored options.
  • Other great options include taking with chocolate milk, coffee, orange juice or pomegranate juice

Kratom capsules

Besides powder, kratom can come in the form of a capsule. This is a small cylindrical casing which is either gelatin or vegetable-based. It is used to hold a certain amount of kratom powder. 

Kratom capsules provide many advantages, such as convenience and ease of use. They also spare you the awful taste by masking it. Newbies may find them preferable as they provide more precision in dosing and are easy to handle. However, capsules are more costly than powder. 

Dosage is key

One key thing to always keep in mind is your dosage. This can cause anything from you actually getting the benefits you are seeking, feeling nothing at all, or getting severe side effects from excessive dosing. So, watch out on the dosage and also keep in mind that each kratom strain has different dosage levels for acquiring certain effects or benefits. 

Also, dosage levels are best determined at an individual level because each person has an ideal dose that differs from others. This comes from our individual uniqueness. When you first use kratom, you will have to experimentally use little amounts and build up gradually as you test your ideal dose. 

What is your kratom strain? 

To get the best out of your kratom, you should also consider the strain. This is because each strain comes with different properties and therefore fits better with a different goal. Here is a quick look at each kratom strain and what you can expect to get from using it. 

  • Red kratom – It’s great for those on their first try of kratom. It excels in making you feel relaxed and calm. It provides pain relief as well as makes you sleep easier and better.
  • Green kratom – This is ideal if you are looking for moderate effects that avoid the extremes that you get  with red and white kratom 
  • White kratom – acts as a great stimulant, with the ability to boost your alertness levels and focus. It is a great energizer to make you do energy-demanding work much better. 

How soon do you want the effects to start? 

The option you pick between capsule and powder will determine how quickly the kratom effects start to kick in. Don’t want to wait too long, or do you want your kratom effects to kick in super fast? Then you have to go the powder way. 

When the powder hits your stomach, it is absorbed rapidly. However, if you use kratom capsules, expect some delay in the effects as your stomach will first need to dissolve the capsule walls before the encased powder is released for absorption.  

How not to take kratom 

I have already told you some of the best ways of taking kratom. But are there other ways of taking it that you should definitely avoid? 

One of these is smoking, which you may have noticed has been touted by many blogs. It’s worth noting that smoking kratom is also one of the ancient practices that were adopted by the locals in using kratom in South Asia. However, this method is not advisable for the following reasons. 

The heat that comes from producing the smoke will destroy some of the alkaloid content in the kratom. This reduces the benefit that you will extract from any given quantity of the kratom. 

You will need to smoke (and in the process destroy) a  large amount of the kratom to get the equivalent amount of benefit you would get by using a smaller amount of the kratom as powder or capsule. This makes smoking wasteful and inefficient. 

Besides, you also have to spend quite some time doing smoking and who has the time? 

In practice, you want the effects of your kratom to kick in relatively fast, whether it’s pain relief or a boost to your mental focusing power.

Points to remember on best use practices 

Regardless of whether you use powder or capsule, always observe the following.

  • Take your kratom without food. It tends to act quickly on an empty stomach because it is absorbed faster through the stomach walls. 
  • Kratom is a lot like coffee, which can leave you dehydrated. So, make sure to accompany its use with plenty of water to compensate. 
  • Your kratom product may come with instructions from the manufacturer. Make sure to understand and follow them.


Aa you can see, there are several ways of using your kratom. Much depends on your goal and liking. If you want immediate results without waiting too long, you can opt for powder. However, this will work if you don’t mind the taste, which can be pretty awful.

On the other hand, if you can’t stand the taste and are willing to wait a bit longer for the effects, you can go for the capsule option. The capsule is especially ideal if you don’t want to err on dosage or If you are a newbie.

You can still choose powder and mask the taste with several options like Tea, juice, or adding yogurt.

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